Burst mining on android phone with external HDD

  • Dear burstcoiners,

    Sinds 2 months I am experimenting with burstcoin. I must say, I am charmed by the coin, and would have expected it the be higher valued, especially with the 'environmental-green-movement' being so large in the world.

    I would like to mine with my android phone. I know this can be done with the burstwallet app. However, I would like to connect a USB 6TB HDD to the phone (external powered HDD and phone can also be powered).
    I know I can connect a HDD to the phone, but the burstwallet wont detect the external HDD drive.

    I have seen some other discussions about this topic, but could not find a proper answer.

    So, how can I get the burstwallet to detect the external HDD on my android phone? Is it even possible?
    Any reply would be very much appreciated.

  • I haven't seen how app mining is working, will check this.

    My understanding is, for mining you don't need your burstwallet detect your drive.

    1. you should have plots on drive. You can do it on another computer- one time job.
    2. you need mining software/app running on device which should have access to external drive.
    3. preferably you should be mining on a pool so you won't require to run local burst wallet on device.

    But this is very good use case for development - App that'll mine from external drive. Please suggest if it already exists.