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  • Hello

    We would like to announce the first burstcoin payment processor.


    We believe in burstcoin and we have decided to create a simple api to help others accept burst on their websites.

    The API is self-explaining and highly similar with the old blockchain.info API.

    The fees are 1% + 2 BURST and at the moment, all the fees are deposited into the balance of our burstcoin faucet https://faucet.burstpay.net

    We have just released a woocommerce plugin which is available on our website, for easier integration.

    If you require plugins for other commerce software, please let us know and we will try to create plugins.

    For any questions we can offer support by e-mail or here in this topic.

  • @crk This is definitely useful contribution for coin.
    I have query on security of passphrases.
    I understand that user has to send passphrase to api to process txn, in odd case future api managers can abuse this and grab passphrases of users.
    How is this prevented or is there something I am missing here?

  • @ozone said in BurstPay.net - Burstcoin Payment Processor:


    You should not send the passphrase to the api, only your BURST address.
    The secret key refers to a random string used to sign the ipn notifications, which should be generated strictly to be used with the api.

    When a transaction is created, we generate a new account with a new passphrase and monitor it for payments. When the payment is received, we resend the funds to your final address.

  • We have added multiple currencies with automatic conversion to burst.

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