newbie question on 'send message' and smart contracts

  • Hello everybody,

    I am new to Burst and have two questions about it. Any help/explanation is very welcome, so thanks in advance.

    1/ Can anybody explain to me how to use the 'Send Message' option in the Burst Wallet? I have tried this a few times between two Burst accounts of mine, but the message does not seem to arrive.

    2/ I understood that Burst supports smart contracts. Do I have it correctly that the smart contracts possible are the one stated below? Can anyone explain to me, or point me to the correct literature, on how to use this?:

    • Atomic Cross Chain Transactions

    • Auctions

    • Crowdfunding

    • Dormant funds Transfer

  • admin

    @TK Messaging works - you put a message in the box, select whether to encrypt it and then send it. The recipient will be able to see it in their wallet under Messages.

    Those are example smart contracts, but you can code additional ones.

  • @haitch Thanks for the reply. I now see the messages. Do you know a link to the information on how to use the smart contracts and how to code them?

  • admin

    @TK doumentation is at ciyam's site - I've never tried.