Plotting Seagate 6tb drive for two frickin' weeks?

  • My apologies for disregarding replies that i didn't read, It depends on a few characteristics about plotting speed. Generally, Seagate are known to plot slower in general than Western digital and others. However, Seagate are also known to read very well making it worth the wait. You could perhaps get another disk brand and move the completed plot from it to your external or perhaps plot on your computers disk and move it to your external from there. Whereas your computers disk would plot smaller plots you could manually configure xplotter nonces to continue the nonce count until your external is full of smaller plots after transfer. Your computers cpu if it is a desktop could possibly be upgraded from ebay or a shop online to be faster as well. Memory installed on your pc. If your pc has ample amount of memory it can be configured within xplotter to be interpreted as a larger stagger size. Personally I use a 9gb stagger (meaning 9gb of system ram for stagger). Should you decide to plot to your pc and then transfer, a tool known as fastcopy (a google search) is a far superior file copy app for windows that can be configured with a large memory buffer to ensure your plots transfer with minimal fragmentation at best speed.

  • I'm utilising usb3 cables. The thing is the other 4 hds are connected to a usb3 hub, but my latest hd is connected to the whole system via a usb connector on my other Seagate drive.

    Plotting allocation I stretched it to just under 6tb, maybe too much...not sure.

    Could this be the problem? The plotter seems to be working fine it's crunching the nonces fine.

    Just worried my shitty Intel core i5 laptop is going to blow

    I also run MT4 trading platform for fx trading on it.

  • @Evo yes, it was set to better performance.

    Thanks for all your answers, end of day may have to upgrade PC.

  • @Baron , I think your daisy chain through the other drive might be the problem. Perform a test. Time how long it takes to write a chunk of nonces then connect the drive directly to your computer and redo the test.

  • The thing about plotting with laptops, especially old ones, They utilize heat pipe technology as they're designed for travel. The downside is, when the CPU is full duty the cooling system gets much warmer and being mobile processor automatically slows down as to not overheat and damage the device. the mobile i5, i7, AMD etc, all have the same limitation. You are right @Baron to opt for a newer PC but even then HEAT PIPE! good luck however :) *Additionally
    Not everyone has deep pockets for new pc's so in case of an external slow coach its probably cheaper to transfer plots to it from another disk.

  • @ZapbuzZ , more likely the spped is restricted by the write to disk. If any time during the plotting the last line turns from yellow to gray, then the CPU is waiting for the write to finish so the CPU is not the limiting factor on the poor plotting speed.

  • Update: Finally stopped yesterday. Now am happily back to mining.

    Lesson to all y'all kids, use a better high end PC.... Lol


  • I have thouse but only 33MB read times in Blago. Do you have the same ?

  • @Baron I saw intels new chip the core I9 the chip itself costs a whole desktop pc but i bet it'd make the next generation nonce puters

  • Guys i have problem with this hdd

    i plotted it on other computer but after i plugged it in i didn't see numbers below drive any suggestions.

    Below both hdd one is working one is not.


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