BURSTCOIN Success Story - BIG Crypto Purchase Thanks to Burstcoin!

  • HI all, wanted to share an adventure in Burst coin with you.

    Recently purchased a 2013 Honda CBR 250R for 0.5 bitcoin. I found the machine on Craigslist from a user accepting bitcoin 🙂

    Long story short. I got into Burst last year. Starting mining, bought some coin on Poloniex when I could. Bought low, sold high.

    It's a good feeling every time I fire up the bike and go for a ride. Thinking about how it was purchased with crypto and particularly with profits from BURST. 🙂

    Still holding a good amount of coin as I have confidence it will continue to rise. Helmet on. To the moon!


  • Awesome, congratulations and enjoy your new bike! Burst is making people's lives better since 2014 (well, at least smart people's), and I am sure more threads like this one will appear in the future 🙂