Multiple IDs - Can't access...

  • Hi Support,

    I have a problem. I"m new to this...

    So when I downloaded my Burst Wallet I followed the instructions I was given. I was given a Passphrase, I plotted my hard drive, used the Faucet to get burst coins, etc., but here's my problem, I have two IDs and don't know why, I chose a wallet name for the one I received coins in using the Faucet, but now I cannot access the the wallet where my coins are, but I can access the other one which has nothing, but has the same wallet name...

    Is there a way to confirm IDs or change the wallet name associated with it, or what do I need to do rectify this problem, I'm totally lost?


  • admin

    You enter a 'passphrase' to access the wallet, this 'passphrase' is bound to your BURST-XXX.. Address, the AccountID. There is also a numeric representation of this AccountID, the NumericAccountID.

    However, if you have two AccountIDs, you should have two 'passphrases'.

  • @luxe hey do you know why when you enter your account you need your passphrase? Like anyone can look at your account, the passphrase is just to make transactions right?

  • admin

    The GUI uses the burst API, the API has public and private methods, the passphrase is only needed for private methods. You can remember it by using that checkbox. Currently you enter your passphrase, so that your accountID is known by wallet, so that balance etc. can be shown ... but you are right, that would also be possible, with accountID itself.

    However, every programmer is able to write a new/alternative GUI for web or as application using just the provided burst API. (http://localhost:8125/test) So we may have different/better user interfaces in the future.