BITCONNECT Info/Burst Promotion 75% Referral Reward Back To You!! OCT - NOV 2017 **Read the fine print** UPDATED - Haitch VERIFIED

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    Hey everyone!

    I previously made this post August 1st but with server difficulties it got removed unintentionally. ( oh well)

    I am a proud supporter of Bitconnect and have seen some great success. I have also shown the platform to many people.
    To give an example of the fast growth potential I started with 100 dollars. I got a few friends involved and a few people from my original post here.. after about 2 months I turned that 100 dollars into 1020 dollars. It is a trading bot, exchange, and staking platform.


    A nice portion of my return has been referrals SO i really hope if you chose this platform you can sign some people up but it is NOT required and only a BONUS.

    Average interest rate is about 1% a day. The point is to compound your interest and really ride it to the moon. Here is a quick example of compounding interest.


    Bitconnect varies daily. Some days are .5 percent others are 1.9% and every once in a while we get a 0%. My first day ever on this platform was a 0% July 7th 2017. I wouldn't let that deter you. This is their three month graph on daily interest amounts.


    This link is another tool you can use to gauge your investment and see where you will end up over time.
    I recommend downloading the sheet and doing it on your own computer.


    From September 1st to October 1st 2017 I will pay you to use my Referral code:
    75% of the referral reward which is originally 7% I will give you 5.25% back in BURST. This is a Burst promotion so I will only agree to paying you in Burst. No exceptions.

    I have also paid out to at least two members here @haitch including. I am good for it.

    I also suggest just starting with a small amount to gain an understanding. If you decide to invest twice within the month please contact me and I will pay out again.

    You will also have me to ask questions and help explain the platform and workings to you at anytime. Join my team and I will share with you everything I know when and if you need any help.

    Sign up with my referral code in this post or in my signature and send me a message here to let me know. I check them at night after work as its my only free time. If I do not respond right away please have no fear as I work and cannot surf this site during the work week business hours.

    The minimum sign up is 100 dollars of bitcoin. Once bitcoin is transferred to Bitconnect you will have to exchange it for BCC ( Bitconnect Coin). It is the BCC that you lend to the trading bot. Once lent out you will receive your capital back in 299 days or less depending on the size of your loan and 1% a day on the investment. I strongly suggest re-investing every bit of it until you can pull out some of your initial investment and eventually play with only house money.


    The bigger the loan the faster you get your money back. Anything over 1010$ gives you a daily interest rate that helps a lot!

    Here is a snapshot of some of my interest being paid.


    • Over the last two months I have been paid out every day. They have stuck to their word. I have also pulled out 3/4 of my initial investment totaling 75$

    • The website was hacked and a wallet glitch made it so users could withdraw more BCC then they should be allowed and Bitconnect stayed true to the community and did not run with our money after closing shop for three days to evaluate and ban accounts.. which they let back online if they could pay back what they stole. (They still paid out on days they were closed!!!)

    • They have also been spending large amounts of money flying people across the globe and giving their big promoters funds to set up offices in their region and develop this platform world wide. (Very recently)

    • The originator of Bitconnect is unknown much like Satoshi Nakomoto ( spelling) with bitcoin and I consider that a big plus. If they were going to run with our money and shut down shop they could have so long ago and there is no one person any government agency can target.

    • During the hack members were also trying to deposit bitcoin into a compromised address. If you showed them this transaction they were crediting your account within the hour. It happened to my employee and he is very happy.

    • Capital investments are starting to be returned. There are videos on youtube from popular vloggers showing the proof.

    I have also taken the time to do some YouTube videos showing my experiences.. Here is my most recent one ( I am new to Youtube and appreciate any constructive criticism)

    Here is a much better Youtubers take on Bitconnect:

    I hope you can enjoy Bitconnect and can take this opportunity to gain free Burst and a new lease on life using this platform. I am also involved in a few other lending platforms but this is the only one I recommend and am gaining a trust for.

    This is not financial advice. Please invest only what you are willing to lose. Please do your own research and trust your gut. If you decide to use my referral code I will be there with you along the way. You are more than welcome to call my phone or email me anytime to discuss matters. Feel free to comment here and I will do my best to answer questions. This is a high risk investment please understand that and do not blame me if you lost money. If you lose money I lose money. I cannot stress enough if you cannot risk an investment please stay away. I also reserve the right to change this promotion at any time but highly unlikely 😛 = 75% of my referral reward back to you in Burst (3.5% of your investment with no limits)

    • (NEW) I will also honor second tier sign ups within the month!!! Put someone under you and get 3.75% of their investment back in burst (half of the 5% i would get)

    • You also start at the top of your own team and earn 7% for each referral you gain

    • Please let me know the price of burst at time of sign up so it doesnt fluxuate too much by the time i get you reward

    dunno why but i feel slightly cooler now.

  • hmmm....... hmmmmm... guess you nearly got me now! I'm gona let my Bitfinex lending dry out, and then its decision time!
    Got fucked at Bitfinex last year and now I'm back there, so why not let somebody else this year.....!-)

  • @nixxda let me get your burst address when i get home later ill send you over what is owed.. i have burst now at 285 satoshi. if it was different when you invested let me know

  • yes! let the ponzi begin! still figuring out how much time I need for it to be alive to actually squeez it.
    (and no, after 1 1/2 looks I decided not to stop anything else)

  • @nixxda said in BITCONNECT Info/Burst Promotion 50% Referral Reward Back To You!! SEPT - OCT 2017 **Read the fine print**:

    yes! let the ponzi begin! still figuring out how much time I need for it to be alive to actually squeez it.
    (and no, after 1 1/2 looks I decided not to stop anything else)

    at $10010 you only need 120days with great growth or a conservative approach you would receive your $10010 back in 92 days

  • and who was the ass who down voted such a thought out post?

  • just about got investment back!

    0_1504759704888_almost there.png

    and this is when i started and 1st loan

    0_1504759820429_1st day.png

  • @falconCoin i find it flattering.. the post did take me about an hour to create.. (both times)

  • So, I just got my "referral share" from @darindarin ! Thanks for that!-)
    And also already earned something on Bitconnect after one day!

    I figure, I'm going to reinvest after the first week and then take out the next and so on.
    and over time getting my Investment back and hopefully make tons of extra cache!-)

    Getting a referral share does make this "game" a whole lot more fun! I feel like a half winner already!!

    pleas be save...

  • @nixxda i hope this works out for everyone!

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    little update for everyone..
    under 70 days and have turned 100 dollars into almost 1400!!!

    i was willing to lose that 100 dollars but also wanted to maximize my gains the best way i could..

    i strongly suggest creating your own downline.. have a few friends with 100 dollars to blow at the bar one night.. tell them to stay home 1 time and get in under you and you will teach them everything.. if this lasts a couple years.. your efforts will not go in vain.. if they lose 100 bucks no one is out anything worthy of crying over.

  • LOOOOVE this platform. you guys gotta get in it.. Use my referral and let me know for the 50% reward back to you in BURST.. create a down line .. roommate girlfriend or family member someone willing to risk a little and watch the income start to flow in ..

  • i have almost gotten back what i put in... this is ZERO referral payouts to break even...

    0_1505961937726_this week.png

    i am break even even with the down time cause of the BTC Fork and the website Hack just over 90 Days

    0_1505962123038_1st day.png

  • So what exactly are you lending on bitconnect? Right now I'm parking my BTC on polo lending. What is the difference between the two?

  • @Yottaphat minimum deposit is 100 dollars worth of btc.. you are then exchanging it for BCC which is the bitconnect tokens .. not bitcoin cash.. you lend that.. you get a daily interest that you can withdraw anytime and minimum reinvests are 10 dollars.. you do get your capital investment back ( 1st 100 dollar loan) until after 299 days.. the bigger the loan the faster it comes back..

    its a trading bot that you get a percentage of based on your loans..

    if you use my referral ill give you back half of the reward that i get which is 7% so 3.5% back in burst.. as per my promotion.

    lots of us are into it so far let me know if you have more questions ill do my best to answer

  • all reinvestments are subject to the same capital release terms 299 days at most

  • @darindarin i dont get it, 1% a day? compounded? 100$ is a lot for me to lose, considering i'm just a kid but I can probably start working? how's your investment right now and how much have you withdrawn from your 100$?

  • @HiDevin hey man.. yeah only risk what you are willing to lose.. and in your case maybe don't do it at all
    well to help you understand anyway its an average of around 1% i think for the week we are about .8% but i have to do the math again
    so to say its 1% on your hundred dollars each day you gain about 1 dollar. after 10 days ( again an estimate) you can reinvest.. you take the 10 usd earned and now you have 110 usd compounding so each day at 1% its 1.10 you will earn.. and so on 5000 usd would earn you say 50 a day

    i started with 100 dollars.. less than 80 days ago.. i have since withdrew 100 USD plus a little extra to pay back the referal bonus to some bursters.. my numbers are padded by referral earnings.. but to give you an idea
    here is a screen shot of what i have now :

    @HiDevin i am not sure i can suggest this program to someone your age. It is for only money you are willing to lose.. yes 100 dollars is a lot for you than you might want to pass on this.

    if you decide to use my referral anyway let me know i do not believe there are age restrictions.

  • @darindarin I might pass on this for now, but good luck, it seems you already made 5x your initial investment, so it looks like you're doing something right. 🙂