• Hey there I seem to be having big issues joining this pool for some reason, my wallet is failing to connect as I have on 6 occasions reset/changed reward for this pool through both wallet and through the pool online and its just not allowing me to mine, Im using Blago miner and that connects but the continuous msg of wrong mining address is starting to annoy me and as I said I have joined on 6 occasions and still cant mine. Wallet is 3.9.5, may I also make a suggestion that in the drop down pool selection menu of that wallet that you can add pools instead of it deciding what pools you can go in, just a suggestion for future development. In addition I have been mining in another pool two solid months with not one coin in return which is also irritating and my wallet doesnt seem to be allowing me to change to any pool at this stage, may I make a further suggestion with the NRS update, how about a button that says update you press it and it automatically updates, the system existing at present is ridiculous in this day and age, I followed the instructions to a T and still didn't update, thanks in advance for any help

  • @Ranger64 The first of all maybe you should upgrade to a newer version of the wallet that already goes for 3.9.11

    On the other hand you may have some incorrect data, I explain, if you are using the default configuration that gives you the wallet maybe has changed and as you are using an old version is not updated and therefore is not connecting correctly.

    The AIO even if you have some default options to put certain pools nothing prevents you from erasing it and put the one that you want

  • @Energy Thank you kindly will investigate the new wallet cheers