Hello, new in Burst mining

  • Hi all!

    I have started mining today, and this is the first coin I have started mining, so I hope I am doing well, because I do not understand it really well yet.

    My account ID is BURST-FEC8-GGKE-BZHU-BZC3M , but I already have some BURSTs so I do not need more to start mining.

    I am using 100Gb of space. How often do I receive BURST into my account? Do I need to do something special with the pool to receive my BURSTs?

    Sorry for basic questions. I qill really appreciate your responses. 🙂

  • @erikarranz every pool has it's own rules as to when it pays out, minimum deadlines, and fees just to name a few. I'd suggest you read into the pool you're currently on and see if it works out for you. as you have only 100gb it'll be hard for you to reach fast deadlines. I'd suggest you take one that favors smaller miners by design, like the 0-100 pool that's advertised somewhere on this forum.

  • Be careful. 100GB won't get you many DLs on most pools. My pool tho(sig), also 0-100, will give you a DL on almost all of the blocks.

    0-100 gives you more consistent rewards, and is the main benefit for small miners.