SIMPLEFX has anyone used it?

  • I lost access to my coinbase cause their customer service sux and they double charged me and wouldnt respond so i charged back ... now they locked me out.. great..

    so i have been on the hunt for a new exchange that carries the top three and allows for instant movement of your newly acquired coin...

    i found last night has anyone used it..

    im headed to work so i cannot comment till much later tonight but would be cool if anyone has an experience with them that they can share. good or bad. before i sign up ..

  • I use them, and have not had any bad experiences. I like using the MT4 platform, too. Withdrawls have always been prompt.

  • @darindarin Have you tried ?

  • @Energy long time ago do they have instant payment/withdrawels after payment .. i buy a lot of btc but usually just when i need it. and enjoy moving it off the platform fast to where i want it.. thats my biggest issue atm