AIO wallet not working

  • I am having a problem with my wallet. I am trying to run the AIO Burst Client for Wim v0.3.10. When I do this the window has the tab "online wallet" grayed out and after about a minute, I get a page that says "navigation to web page was canceled." Any ideas on what the problem might be?

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  • I downloaded the latest wallet. When I login and go to mining, I can choose a pool just fine, however, it does not see my plot files. I plotted the files with xplotter on drives E, F and G. How can I get the AIO wallet to see my plot files?

  • @haitch see above reply.

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    @khnkdn The files need to be in [Drive]:\plots

  • @haitch They are, and have been.

  • @khnkdn can you post the Content of your miner.conf file here?

    Also, check for the semicolon at the end of this line:


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    @khnkdn sorry, not \plots, \burst\plots

  • @Marc Here is my config file. The miner now sees my plots, now that I changed the directories. However, when I started the miner, it seems like it is hung. I chose the CPU option rather than the openCL - not knowing what open CL is. Also thanks for you patience in working with me to get me going. Thanks to @haitch for his advice.

    Here is the config file (the top portion):

    #### PEER NETWORKING ####
    # Announce my IP address/hostname to peers and allow them to share it with other peers.
    # If disabled, peer networking servlet will not be started at all.
    # Port for incoming peer to peer networking requests, if enabled.
    # Host interface on which to listen for peer networking requests, default all.
    # Use to listen on all IPv4 interfaces or :: to listen on all IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces
    # My externally visible IP address or host name, to be announced to peers.
    # It can optionally include a port number, which will also be announced to peers,
    # and may be different from nxt.peerServerPort (useful if you do port forwarding behind a router).
    # My platform, to be announced to peers.
    # My hallmark, if available.
    # A list of well known peer addresses / host names, separated by '; '.
    # If not set, a random selection of and nodes is used.
    # These peers will always be sent rebroadcast transactions. They are also automatically added to wellKnownPeers, so no need for duplicates.;
    # Connect to this many well known peers before using the peer database to get connected faster.
    # Set to 0 or comment out to disable.
    # Known bad peers to be blacklisted
    nxt.knownBlacklistedPeers=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [2a02:c7d:cc41:1f00:9cc1:b80c:8bc3:2a29];;;;;;;;;;;
    # Peers used for testnet only.
    # Maintain active connections with at least that many peers.
    # Peer networking connect timeout for outgoing connections.
    # Peer networking read timeout for outgoing connections.
    # Peer networking server idle timeout, milliseconds.
    # Use the peer hallmark to only connect with peers above the defined push/pull hallmark thresholds.
    # Hallmark threshold to use when sending data to peers.
    # Hallmark threshold to use when requesting data from peers.
    # Blacklist peers for 600000 milliseconds (i.e. 10 minutes by default).
    # Consider a new transaction or block sent after 10 peers have received it.
    # Enable the Jetty Denial of Service Filter for the peer networking server.
    # Compress Http responses for the peer networking server.

  • @khnkdn If you are using the aio the configuration of the miner you find it here C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\miner-burst-1.170820 in the file miner.conf

    It would be best if you put a screenshot of the aio when you try to lull, the configuration of the miner and indicate where you have the plots to see if the configuration is correct