LostBoy A little about me, An Introduction to the Community and I will be AFK for a month.

  • Hey Bursters:)

    I just wanted to sort of do an introduction; I feel it is important to the comradery of any community online or not. When out there joining pools and bursting every day we see one another and yet know nothing or very little just by the post we do in the forums. So I don’t know if this much is appropriate or not, but I personally tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and am willing to throw myself out there to meet all of you.:)
    First off I Just wanted to give a heads up that I am in the process of a cross county move. In next couple weeks I will be gone completely from mining, and not so active in the community (I Will Be Back). Last week I have been trying out every pool and recent couple days the German pool in particular and once I get resettled/moved I plan on putting up about 25TB then adding another 25tb few months later (Around Christmas). Being very active in the project as a whole at the start of 2017 these are my plans. We all know how plans go
    I am really optimistic about the entire Burst prospect as a whole, and I honestly feel the community is a huge part of feeling comfortable and enjoying this, I wanted to give a shout out “THANK YOU” to the Devs for creating such a unique form of money making/Hobby. I am a disabled vet (Retired Navy) and have been looking for something like this not only to apply my technical background as a whole, but maybe someday earn some extra cash for a personal program my family had started 7 years ago and because of my health is deteriorating I am unable to go on the road to earn money to support our cause, my wife and I started a nonprofit called “Hero Pets 4 Hero Vets” We match up rescue animals with Disabled Veterans. So a vet comes back from Afghanistan with no legs and wants a service dog, We get him/her whatever they need at NO cost to the Veteran, and to raise money for that we sell pet supplies on EBay and at various kiosks around our area. In Example: VA Hospitals, Swap Meets, Farmers Markets, Etc. When I am settled in from moving I am hoping to list pet supplies for sale on here and have this as a resource to raise money for Hero Pets 4 Hero Vets. So I think this will fill that gap for me, whereas It hard to travel nowadays and lifting crates of pet supplies, setting up, and tearing down at a kiosk is just not an option any more for me.
    In the early 90s (before the Internet was a big deal) I ran a 24 phone line BBS (Bulletin Board Service) we ran USENET, FIDO Mail, this was a form of Email before email. Every Night from midnight to 4 am we would transfer messages and newsgroups across phone lines to the next closest BBS without generating a toll charge from the phone companies an Email or Newsgroup’s 1700 Various topics and newsfeeds could take as much as 10 days to get across country in this manner but not one sysop would be charged toll fees for the phone calls. In addition the BBS's would have door games and chat and I personally had 4 Pioneer six packs (6X Cd Rom Exchangers)online with shareware and free games/Some smut for adults. We also were able to do Serial connections and play 4 player Doom 1 Decent and Heretic and Hexen multiplayer FPS games across a 14,400/28800 Modems:). /Sigh... those where the days, I used to be somebody (FACECrook was mine... Gdamn It :)) I wanted to share all that with you guys, because for some reason Bursting and the community, reminds me of those days. In addition as a hobby and to pass time over the last 7 years I have been doing SETI and BOINC client (Folding at home) and PrimeGrid projects (Search for large prime #s) That led somewhat to this, And now I am here and very much enjoy doing this, I just want to be a bigger contributor to the project as a whole.
    So anyways brief rundown of where I am coming from and where I have been, I will be back after the move and you guys keep up the great work, I have a strong feeling this all will pay off in the future. I am Grateful to be a part of this. Thanks again, Godspeed all your Deadlines 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Carlson

  • @LostBoy Hi, it's great to be taking part in a huge project like Burst. I'm quite new in the cryptocurrencies game, and it's exciting as I feel like we are the pioneers of a groundbreaking adventure. To be connected by one goal, regardless of age, nationality, gender or whatever is amazing. And I have to admit this is one of the most dedicated and helpful community I ever witnessed. Much love to everyone 🙂

  • FIDO, modems, ... - good times. 🙂
    I'd participated in the [email protected] project since 12 December 2001

  • @Blago
    Right on so you're right about my age (Have to be to know modems and FIDO) I was trying to put out a little history lesson to these young whipper snappers:)
    On the other topic: Where r those green bastards:) This planet would change for the good I think if SETI found something, or would it be our demise? who knows, but I am certain in the deepest reaches of my being. We are no way alone in the vastness of UP. Seems reading posts a lot of people who find interest in that (SETI/BOINC) steer here. Maybe we can capitalize in that and get some more bursters here. Do we not need more resources to grow, and will populace not be an intricate part of the success of Burst? Correct me if I am wrong I am new and just trying to learn what needs to happen to make this as big as Bitcoin / Bigger. Guess I should've payed more attention in economics:)

    Kind Regards,