I Cant access my wallet as passphrase pulls up different account

  • So I signed into my wallet with my passphrase. I sent Burst to my Account ID from poloniex but when I login using passphrase another account is showing. I have the old account number I sent the Burst to and the transaction record for the withdrawal but cannot access the account.
    The transaction shows up on Burst Explorer but I cannot access the account. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • @Yogymon

    You have probably added or missed a space somewhere in your password. usualy infront or after the phrase itself. Try add /remove a " " to get diffrent wallets

  • Yes, I have been reading the forums and I have a passphrase generated by the wallet. 12 words and no other symbols. I have tried it numerous times and does not bring up the account I sent Burst to but brings up another account that I had sent 1 burst to from a faucet with a different address. Strange because I never set up a new passphrase and must have entered it wrong and it generated a new account and now I cannot access my funds which are there visibly under the acct number I sent burst to.

    I have the Account ID, Numeric Account ID, Public Key but looks like I cannot gain access to my Burst coins. which are right there on Burst explorer. This really sucks.

  • admin

    @Yogymon as @Quibus said you've either got some whitespace at either end of the passphrase, or you're copying and pasting it when it's currently word wrapped.

  • @haitch Thanks for your help. I have entered it every possible way. Not sure what word wrapped means. I have been typing in manually and pulls up the original account. I think what might have happened is I created another account with a passphrase almost exactly like mine with a fat finger or two. The account number I sent burst to is different than the original acct number. I have been trying to enter different pass phrases by removing a letter or adding or taking a space away almost exactly the same. If you punch in the wrong phrase it automatically creates a new account. Uggh. Looks like the new account does not have a name or public key that coins are on when viewed on Burst Explorer.

  • @Yogymon if you would like, I have a program that brute forces passwords. You can pm the details for the password you think it is and the ID, and I can try to crack it for you if you want.

  • @kev626 That would be amazing!

    I can toss you some burst for your trouble if i can get in there.