Bitconnect - Maximise your Gain - Minimise your Loss.

  • So this is the Post I never expected to make. Shock Horror... I have made an investment in Bitconnect.

    First my advice on what to do if you want an easy stress free way to make Money in Crypto.

    Buy some BTC, now is a great time with the latest China Scare, did you see how quickly it recovered when they banned ICO's? and then hold onto it for a couple of Years.

    However now that Burst Asset Trading is not a lot of fun, and Burst Mining is verging on being unprofitable I was easy prey for something new to play with.

    So Bitconnect is just one big Pozi Scam, right? It was so easy to come to that conclusion, it ticked every box and some more, but despite that, perhaps because of that it intrigued me and I was trapped.

    So as we all know you can read and speculate until the cows come home but at some point you have to get your hands dirty if you want to discover the nitty-gritty. So enticed by @darindarin said in BITCONNECT Info/Burst Promotion 50% Referral Reward Back To You!! SEPT - OCT 2017 **Read the fine print**: 50% offer I decided to get my feet wet.

    I will save for later posts my thoughts on why Bitconnect is and is not worth investing in, but for the moment back to the title of the post.

    Bitconnect - Maximise your Gain - Minimise your Loss.

    I hasten to add that this is not what I have done, but is what I would do with the benefit of hindsight if starting again. Apologies if everyone knows this, but in all that I have read and watched on countless YouTube videos I have not seen it mentioned.

    So let's assume you want to invest $300, this is what to do.

    1. Find yourself a Sponsor who is willing to share the Referral Bonus. @darindarin is a good example, there are however many people in the crypto community who will offer 80% Reward Back to you or even 100%.

    2. Sign up using your sponsors reference and invest $100. Collect your 50% of the 7% Referral Bonus, $3.50, giving a cost for A1 of $96.50

    3. Sign up using the reference from A1 for another $100. Collect the full 7% Referral Bonus, $7 and in addition 50% of the second tier bonus of 3% $1.50, giving a cost for A2 of $91.50

    4. Sign up using the reference from A2 for another $100. Collect the full 7% Referral Bonus, $7 the full second tier bonus of, $3.00, and finally 50% of the third tier bonus of 2% $1.00 giving a cost for A2 of $89.

    So we now have a $300 investment for a total cost of $277. Not a bad start.

    So now you have a choice, take out all of your Daily interest payments and in just over 3 Months you will have your original stake back and can then choose how to play with the rest.

    Or you can take a more bullish approach, which will also be aided by your multi tier investment.

    1. I suggest in the top 2 Accounts A1 & A2 you stick with the Conservative, take out all of the Interest payments, however on A3 I propose you go for 100% reinvestment to start getting some of this "Compound Interest".

    The benefit you get from your 3 tier stack of Accounts is that when you reinvest from A3 you will create a Referral Bonus in A2 & A1. For you this will be 7% + 3% = 10% so for every $10 reinvestment you make you will get back $1 to add to the money that you are banking. Your original sponsor will also get 1%.

    So this is still a very risky investment but at least this approach plays the system and will maximise any gains or reduce your losses. 🙂

    I will for anyone that is interested be their Sponsor and will return 60% of the Referral Reward for the Initial Investment in BTC or BCC. PM me to discuss and for the Referral link.


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    @RichBC I'm assuming that Satan is ice skating down in hell now ?

    Good strategy for creating the tiered account, don't think I'd go past 3/4 levels - at those levels it's 1% and the next layer is 0.5%

    I invested on behalf of the NewHAssets asset, 11 days ago, and asked investors if they were planning to invest, please use my referral - I just want to update, use the asset referral and I'll pay back 2/3 of the initial lending. The other 1/3 will go to funding the assets.

    Link is:

  • @haitch there is no link

    so 2/3 as is 75% ?

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    @falconCoin The blue colored to after the "Link is:" is the link, which redirects to:

    2/3rds - 66.6 % Invest, PM me, I'll pay out.

  • @haitch am i blind... i see it now in your new post but the last one still looks like this


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    @falconCoin what browser is that on? I see it here no issue. Anyone else not seeing the link after "Link is: " ?

  • google chrome

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    @falconCoin I'm using the same and see it. For those that can't see the link:

    Does that one show ?

  • @haitch it does in the 2nd and 3rd post just not the 1st

  • @haitch the link is there because if you pass the cursor over it detects it, but I do not see it either is blank

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  • @haitch Yes, that's how it looks without problem

  • i see it now

  • good post @RichBC .. from what i have seen so far they want to be around for a while. i hope this works out for everyone.. I was able to get my 100 dollars back by collecting referrals slowly. 60 days it took me to turn 100 into 1200 and take 100 more than that off the top. I am now playing with house money... i also want to add.. if we make .8% a day for 3 years and compound everything my 1200 becomes 38million and I am making 380k a day... WTF!! .. see you all in 1095 days!!!

  • Id also like to add the age old saying "scared money doesnt make money".. if making gains was easy .. we would all be rich. gotta take a risk now and then... calculated of course.

  • @darindarin said in Bitconnect - Maximise your Gain - Minimise your Loss.:

    if we make .8% a day for 3 years and compound everything my 1200 becomes 38million and I am making 380k a day

    Which of course is one of the reasons why this will all fall apart or most likely we we see reductions in the Daily Interest rates to combat the growth.


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    @RichBC yeah, this can't carry on indefinitely, I just want to be onboard, get my investment back, and have cover when they implode .....

  • the numbers are to intriguing!-)

    should I start the "screaming an moaning" thread?? we might as well be done with it now!-)

    (yes I'm in to...)

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    When I first heard about I was really skeptical - it raised so many Ponzi flags. But I kept seeing people saying how they'd withdrawn their initial investment and were still earning. So I put in what I was willing to lose - $1,270. That was a month ago - currently: Invested $1,700 , withdrawn $210 , account balance $128. So, $768 return so far.

    I then decided to get into it with my asset; sold off some shares, mostly to myself - thanks Rich 😉 - it started at $1,290 is now at $1,390 with a $120 balance. On the 15th Sept this will be reinvested back into a loan to bitconnect. For the rest of the month, all earnings will be paid out as part of the dividend.

    So it's possibly/probably a ponzi scheme, but to date has paid back 1/3 of my investment in one month. So I started thinking, "What if I go big" ? Well, the only way to find out is to do it .... 😃

    I've put in a sell order for $5,500 of some of the real world shares I hold. They're going to buy BitCoin off CoinBase, the Bitcoin will be transferred to Bitconnect, used to buy BCC, then invested.

    My intention is to reinvest a weeks earnings, withdraw a weeks earnings, reinvest ......

    Conservative calculations say my initial investment will be paid off in 6 Months, and when the initial deposit expires, re-investing will give me a $10-15K starting investment.

    I know I might lose everything, I will not advise anyone to sign up, but I'll document daily how it's going for me. It may take a few days for me to get started: Sell RW Shares -> Transfer to Bank -> Buy on Coinbase -> Transfer to Bitconnect -> Buy BCC -> Invest.

    I'll give a daily update here - if I can, work sometimes interferes with life ....

  • @haitch i can sell ya some BCC tokens a LOT quicker 😛

    and that referral link is cutting me right out MR! lol