Hello all!

  • Hey all,
    So far my journey for bit coin mining has been a rough on. I thought man i can buy a cheep old POS computer and throw linux on it, and mine it for next to nothing.

    This kinda worked. I could not figure out how to down load the chain. it just stayed there for days.. I figured it was a firewall issuu, of which I wasnt smart enough to fix.

    So i loaded the AIO on my windows 10 machine.

    I googled for hours on burst coin faucets and finally found 1 working. I assigned my name to my wallet. I came back today and the local wallet had finished downloading! Victory.. Plotted a section of my HD. Another victory! Miner oh hell, I need 1 more burst coin to join a pool.

    I was curious if anyone would like to donate 1 burst coin + fee to the cause of getting me started on this adventure.

    Thanks in advance Jeremiah

  • @weake_aggro Welcome! A few Burst are heading your way.

  • Thanks FlippyCakes! Any relation to Fippy DarkPaw of Everquest?
    And now the question you all know im gonna ask.. what pool should i join?

  • joined burst-team.us!

  • @weake_aggro Never played Everquest, so nope!

    Someone else will have to advise you on pools. A while back I decided the constant hunt for a stable pool was getting annoying so I decided to solo mine, even though I only have 24TB.

  • im a reformed EQ junkie i like the 0-100 pool