I can't mine....

  • Well I have been at it trying to mine for 2 days and still nothing. In the console this is what I see:

    BURST miner, v1.160705
    Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
    CPU support:  AES  SSE  SSE2  SSE3  SSE4.2  AVX      [recomend use AVX]
    AuthenticAMD AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G    [4 cores]
    RAM: 8192 Mb
    Pool address    pool.burstcoin.eu (ip
    Updater address pool.burstcoin.eu (ip
    Using plots:
    C:\Burst\plots  files:  1        size:  497 Gb
    TOTAL: 497 Gb
    00:15:08 New block 253707, baseTarget 2754743, netDiff 6652 Tb
    00:15:13 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 5.0 sec (24.8 MB/s) CPU 53.23%
    00:15:23 New block 253708, baseTarget 2516827, netDiff 7281 Tb
    00:15:25 [11755270704155985448] found DL:         251900
    00:15:25 [11755270704155985448] sent DL:          251900     2d 21:58:20
    [ERROR 1004] Your Burst account's reward recipient (NM25-LV2Y-KXVC-HUZ67) does n
    ot match pool's account (7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY)
    You need change reward assignment and wait 4 blocks (~16 minutes)
    00:15:28 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 5.6 sec (22.3 MB/s) CPU 48.80%

    Recent Transactions:

    7/20/2016 23:21:29  0 + 1 BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY 9 
    7/20/2016 23:15:55  0 + 1 BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY 10+ 
    7/20/2016 23:00:39  2 + 1 BURST-272X-YMVP-BUUD-5QV4L 10+ 
    7/20/2016 22:09:07  0 + 1 BURST-7CPJ-BW8N-U4XF-CWW3U 10+ 
    7/20/2016 22:00:18  1 + 1 BURST-272X-YMVP-BUUD-5QV4L 10+ 
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    And the code that appears after the change:


    In that code it all shows the correct burst address's and I have sent the burst payment twice. I currently have no more burst and if you are wondering about the first pool change, I was unaware about the TB limit on .ninja considering I don't even have a TB. I like this platform alot better then Bitcoin as even if I wanted to go pro it's a lot cheaper and for the same hardware I use for Bitcoin mining I make double so I would love this to work.

  • Here is more proof that I did assign it.

    7/21/2016 00:15:57 Ordinary Payment  47.42698854 1 BURST-DZQE-EBR5-9P5M-4558Y 
    7/21/2016 00:16:37 Ordinary Payment  275.14653004 1 BURST-M4WJ-BFFM-PVZQ-6PNYE 
    7/20/2016 23:21:29 Reward Recipient Assignment  0 1 You 
    7/20/2016 23:15:55 Reward Recipient Assignment  0 1 You 
    7/20/2016 22:44:52 Ordinary Payment  321.99624732 1 BURST-4HD8-RYLS-7W8X-8K8KS 
    7/20/2016 22:45:16 Ordinary Payment  1'873.58717772 1 BURST-JQBX-C3BM-VPGT-EYJN3 
    Account BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY Info
    The account named Burstcoin.eu pool has a balance of 9'144.10396158 BURST. 

  • @FaithPlatform Problem in plot's number.
    You have address BURST-Y4YE-AHSN-P36K-D5ZHY (ID 13780983265727810508) - you make reward assignment right, BUT you have plots starting 11755270704155985448_.........
    ID 11755270704155985448 - it's BURST-E3KA-FKHW-8W2S-CWSA8 - do you have password from this address?
    if not - you need replot all these files

  • No I don't anymore, so plots are assigned to accounts?

  • @FaithPlatform yes... the first number in your plot name is the account id! You need to delete the file with the wrong account id number and replot with the right one...

  • 😕 I see that now. I am replotting and about 30 percent done at a avg of 2657 nonces/minute. It sucks plotting but if all goes well I have a couple hundred TB of storage to plot. I am doing a 500 GB test to figure everything out with Burst.

  • admin

    @FaithPlatform If you have that large an available plot, learning more about theother available plotting/mining tools would be a good idea. We can help you with it, but using the GPU Plotter for example will pretty much give you an instant 10X performance in nonce plotting. It does require getting dirty with the command line, and understanding the relationships between nonce starting, number of nonces, stagger etc. But it's really only the effective way you'll plot that much.

  • I would love to learn to use the GPU plotter and I also love getting dirty in command line, the very basic tutorial that I have seen isn't very straight forward and the default plotter attached to the wallet crapped out at 72% and screwed me so i am re plotting with only 210 GB. To be exact I have 673 TB that I could plot but obviously I am not going to plot all of that when all I am currently trying to do is start mining to see how it is but the way I am looking at it is according to burstcoin.biz I would be making an extra 952$ for virtually nothing and with that money I could expand rapidly witch sounds really good to me.

    Current Plotting:

    Windows Burstcoin plot generator V1.17 by Cerr Janror
    Please consider donating some of your newly mined Bursts to support further development:
    Creating plots for nonces 300000001 to 300863617 (210 GB) using 2768 MB memory and 4 threads - using AVX codepath...
    Setting priority class 'below normal'...
    Allocating memory...
    Checking directory...
    Opening file...
    Checking file size...
    Choosing worker routine...
    29 Percent done. 2091 nonces/minute (avg 1938)...

  • admin

    @FaithPlatform Is all this storage linked to a single host, or a farm ? too late to help you tonight, but I'll be around tomorrow and we can discuss how you plot/mine that much.

  • Single host I guess. It WAS going to be a Media Server I built for at home, don't ask why so much storage I was building it to be a PB then I started using Kodi and well... Don't need that kind of storage for streaming. Anyway now I have 4 filled server racks of storage drives with no use. So lets turn them into a income!

  • admin

    @FaithPlatform To be able to plot/mine that much on a single host is going to be difficult, but doable. What GPU's do you have in the host ?

  • I would have to check, I'll update in the morning my fiance would kill me if I fettle in the closet at 1 AM, I don't think it is all that much though because it is just a media host. A upgrade might be recommend if I want to plot within a month, the CPU's are better then the GPU's because the encoding of files that was being used was CPU intensive. What I am plotting on currently is my Personal Gaming Build, honestly I was getting into BTC and altcoin mining then I stumbled on BurstCoin and nearly s#@t myself because no ASIC's are required and no money would need to be spent at the moment on my part.