Does something already exist like this?

  • Just really quick started throwing a few numbers together on assets. Is there something that already shows all available assets and there current ROI, and all that info.. It is quite painful to have to go through all the different topics and ANN's and then do the research.

    Something like this- (sample only) just to get the idea across...

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    @Jaxblack I started one for myself when I launched my asset, but inconsistent behavior of the assets made it it basically impossible to document.

  • I actually think i could make something pretty decent. Really as long as all asset owners pm'd me there payouts i could update weekly. As time goes by the ROI will become much more predictable. I could add categories - like verified by Haitch, Last audit completed(verified funds), Category(type-mining, investing,etc.) and links to websites and ANN's. This way when someone new want to start looking at assets, they dont have to search all over the place.

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    @Jaxblack Get something like that working and I'll send you a payment from the Dev fund.

  • I would pay for that personally.

    Agree to @haitch though that it would be practically impossible to keep up to date as most asset issuer seem to follow Aleister Crowleys Thelema "Do as you wilt should be the only law" these days.

  • Although it does require participation from the asset owners, Hopefully just its existence is enough of a incentive for the information to come in. If the main asset info board just shows-no info provided- for their asset, then they will probably lose out on investors. Ill just make something simple to start with and see what happens

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    @Jaxblack Having a recognized resource of asset listings should indeed be an incentive for asset owners to participate. Let me know what info you want and I'll give it to you for my asset.

  • I would be happy to participate.


  • Very good idea.

    People would like to compare ROI first of course, but all other Information as mentioned from you (type of asset mining/investing, last confirmed payout, amount of Shares available/issued/sold etc. etc.) is also very valuable Information.

    As said Id be ready to participate in the dev. costs if something usefull comes up from this as I think Id Profit from that personally as well as the community.

  • but how accurate/ easy is this for assets that are outside BURST?

    for example 2 weeks ago my payment in BURST was like 6000 but the price of BURST had just doubled and then dropped again

    until BURST is used outside Gambling or selling to buy BTC then we also need to figure in the price of BURST in sats when they bought in too.

    cause do you want 5000 burst worth 230 SATS or 2500 BURST at 370 Sats?

    for long term Holders the 5000 but the short term who are just going to sell it off as soon as they get it.

    so i guess it needs to be classified as a long term or short term.

    and at present there are very few assets that are doing a 100% Burst asset.

    hell i could be wrong... i shouldnt be typing so early in the morning

  • I am not sure i understand? Regardless of where they are invested or what they are invested in, the assets are purchased in burst and paid out in burst.

    It is simply a unit of measurement. it is very easy for any potential investor to convert the value of the unit on any given date to any other unit be it USD, another fiat currency or BTC.

    By ROI i simply mean the units. Of course you are correct that the value changes but as long as all assets are measured by the same unit, it doesn't really matter. As a comparison it immediately will show trends and make comparing assets much easier.

    Maybe lets just see what it looks like at first and if it makes no sense, ill scrap it

    There will of course be additional information needed before making a decision but this will certainly help.

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    @falconCoin It's a snapshot look at the assets involved - all information that's publicly available, but all in an easy to compare list. What did the asset launch at, how many original shares are available, what's it currently trading at, how does it earn, how often does it pay, what has it paid recently ......

  • @darindarin that info you provided me earlier was great, can you provide me the same numbers for the last two payouts before that one?

    And before anyone gets excited, this is just a WIP, the numbers are not all real yet and im just getting a feel.....

  • @Jaxblack

    see i think that info is misleading/ Not really accurate

    for example at the last payment my shares were going for about 2.75 to 3 Burst not 9.75 as your aware @haitch because was a topic in our Discord Channel

    so instead of my asset looking good and ppl scrambling to buy in, these numbers make it look kind of the opposite with LOW numbers

  • @falconCoin but right now if i wanted to buy i would have to pay 9.75 wouldn't I?

    plus like i said your numbers are not accurate as i do not have the last two payouts info

    regardless any one investing will have the info available, your asset is very attractive. it shows that it has increased not only in share value, but also still retains a excellent ROI, even at the current cost. Plus one can expect you will continue to increase the share value.

  • @Jaxblack

    your using numbers that were not actually the case at the time of payout.

    just because ppl are paying 9.75 now does NOT give the asset more funds... just the traders who are trading it.

    im paying out on FUNDS that this asset actually got for sale of the asset shares. i do not get another cent until i sell some more. what ppl are willing to buy and sell it for does not mean i should automatically pay out more cause the price has jumped.

    Unless i am missing something i think you should go with the price that was actually PUT INTO the asset.

  • @falconCoin hmmm, i think i get what your saying (the 9.75 was a reaction to your payout). Normally the numbers would match, as i would update on payout date.

    I think there will be some ebb and flow though, as next week will prob still show same sell price, but do you expect the div payout to increase by 300% (increase in share price 3 burst to 9)

  • @Jaxblack said in Does something already exist like this?:

    And before anyone gets excited, this is just a WIP, the numbers are not all real yet and im just getting a feel.....

  • @Jaxblack

    exactly.... i am not a math person at all but i think you will need to keep it at "currently trading at" and what ppl bought it for separate

    ppl can be trading it for 100 and you know what the Asset gets of that? ZERO ... only the BURST they paid for my asset to me DIRECTLY.

    i have to work with what was paid to me, not what others are profiting off of trading the asset

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    I think it would be resolved by showing ROI on initial asset release price, and ROI on buying it at todays price.