Burstcoin was sent to a wrong address. Lost? If not help me to retrive!

  • I sent 63225 Burstcoins from my Poloniex account to an address which was not recognized by them. They marked as "error" in the transaction history, however my Burstcoin was transferred out to that address. I just realized that I sent it to my public key. There is a public key under account balance >more info>account details. Is there any chance to get them back somehow?

  • @GergelyTuriya No passphrase no burst.Sorry bud:/

  • @GergelyTuriya I am not sure but if there is an error there is no way that transaction gets confirmed. So it either stays in limbo forever or you may get them back into your poloniex account after 24 hours, but not sure at all about that. IN any case try to contact poloniex support and inform them about what happened. Hopefully others may shed some light on this.

  • ok so you need to send a ticket to polo what happend is you sent it , polo recorded and removed the amount from your account but the transaction did not go throu because that is not a valid burst address , witch means the burst was kicked back to Polo's burst address with no info telling them it was tied to your Polo account.

  • @vExact Yeah, Thanks mate, I did what you suggested and finally they reversed it back. So I have got my Burst back into my Polo account. Thanks for the suggestions for everyone.