260TB plot scans in about 22 seconds, yet my deadlines suck

  • Hey guys,

    I have a server with 260TB spread across 85 drives. The miner scans the plots in under 30 seconds, but my deadlines are terrible. I have been solo mining for the last several months and was doing quite well, forging 14 blocks during the first 12 days of September. But then things slowed to a crawl with just one block on the 16th and nothing since.

    So today I decided to jump on BurstminingClub, but my deadlines are terrible and on most rounds, I don't even get one.

    Here's a round where I did get a deadline:

    alt text

    And here's one where I didn't about 15 minutes later:

    alt text

    I don't get it. With 260 TB and a scan speed under 30 seconds, would that not be enough to at least get a deadline on each round?

    Here's the next round that just started. Didn't get a deadline here either:

    alt text

    I picked burstminingpool because is seems to be the largest according to this:

    So any idea what's going on? I'm at a loss.

  • @pclausen

    check out my pool in my signature....

    small pool and great payout if you hit... not to mention @darindarin's promotion going on there

    i cant say it will fix your issue but hey cant hurt ya and you can keep a great eye on the historical data etc easier in a smaller pool

  • check "TargetDeadline" parameter in config, perhaps you set it lower than pool.
    Try "TargetDeadline": 80000000,

  • @Blago said in 260TB plot scans in about 22 seconds, yet my deadlines suck:

    check "TargetDeadline" parameter in config, perhaps you set it lower than pool.
    Try "TargetDeadline": 80000000,

    i had to do this before and it worked wonders too i totally forgot! @blagos a boss! thanks for your miner blago, now only if i can get it to hit more blocks! 😛

  • Target deadline is set to the value recommend for that pool. The recommended settings are:

    "Mode" : "pool",
    "Server" : "pool.burstmining.club",
    "Port": 8124,

    "UpdaterAddr" : "pool.burstmining.club",
    "UpdaterPort": 8124,

    "TargetDeadline": 172800,

    "SendInterval": 500,
    "UpdateInterval": 1000,

    "UseFastRcv": false,

  • @pclausen miner set it automatically (even when pool change it), so for pool's mining i recommend set bigger value.

  • Ok, changed it to 80000000 per your recommendation. Fingers crossed that I'll at least get a deadline on the next block.

    So the crazy thing is that when I first connected to that pool and had 5 confirmations from changing the reward recipient, I got a great deadline:

    alt text

    I'm crazydane, 4th down from the top. But it went downhill from there quickly.

  • Ok, so upping the target deadline appears to have resolved the issue of no deadlines. Thanks Blago!

    However, most deadlines still seem very high, and I also just got a 1008 error:

    alt text

    When I plotted my drives, I named the nonces the same as the plot files. So that error 1008 makes reference to nonce 819111365, so I know that is on a 8TB drive I have mapped to plot 81. So do I have a failing drive, or is that not the case?

    Is deadline purely a function of plot space and scan speed, or is "luck" involved as well?

  • @pclausen in this case pool already change a block and then check your deadline, so it's not your fault.

  • i run 220TB and hit a Block 10 Days ago... i Think First Days you had just luck

  • did you ploted with gpu or cpu. mayne you can optimisie plots. and try changing pool for a week.

  • each pool has their own max deadline limits.
    For example burstmining club is 24 hours or less. With 260TB i would expect at least 1 deadline a block.
    For solo mining I would have the config only check sub 20 minute deadlines since you dont get a benefit from accepts longer deadlines.

    Changing pools wont change your deadlines you find only what the pool accepts.

    Since a pool that accepts 30 day deadlines like the poolofd32th.club pools youll get more accepts deadlines then burstmining club since you can send more.

  • @pclausen hit 'r' or 'c' in miner's window

  • @Brushek All my plots were done using xplotter, so they are optimized.

    @Blago Appreciate the tip on hitting 'r' or 'c'. I have debugging turned off since all the drives I have would otherwise clear almost all other information out of the miner window.

    So here's the history for the last 30 minutes or so. Looks like there were 3 instances where I did not get a deadline and one 1008 error:

    alt text

    Looking at historical blocks on burstminingclub, there are the top guys:

    alt text

    4 of them have plot sizes similar or smaller than me. And here's me:

    alt text

    I suppose having only mined on this pool for ~ 6 hours, I'll slowly climb the ranks and end up in the top 10?

    Here's my forging history from when I finally had all my drives plotted:

    alt text

    So during the 14 days from 8/15 - 8/28 I forged 16 blocks, or 1.14 a day on average.

    During the 16 day period from 9/1 - 9/16 I did 15 blocks, or 0.94 a day on average.

    @zaziki I think you are probably right that I was generally lucky from 8/15 - 9/12 and then it took a turn for the worse.

    @manfromafar If/when I switch back to solo mining, I'll try setting my deadline to 20 minutes. I have seen some blocks take longer than 20 minutes to solve, however.

  • All the pools cannot handle displaying mining size if a miner submits deadlines from multiple computers. So first miner to submit is what is displayed at that persons size in the historical charts. So a person with 200TB could be reporting as 10TB because they have 20 10TB machines.

  • @manfromafar that makes sense, thanks.

    I'm still seeing cases where I missed deadlines (5 out of the last 15 blocks) , but despite that, I got a 1,077 Burst payout from the pool at 8:30 am this morning after mining there for about 10 hours.

    So I guess everything is working the way it is supposed to and I should just ignore that I'm not getting deadlines for 1/3 of the blocks I mine. Just strikes me as odd.