• Its been 2 days mining still didn't see any burst added in my wallet can anyone tell me..

  • @Parameswara20 which pool are you on?

  • @Parameswara20 said in mining:

    Its been 2 days mining still didn't see any burst added in my wallet can anyone tell me..

    you don't automatically get burst simply for mining, there are a couple things at play here, the first is your pool must WIN a block, that is, have the lowest deadline of all the deadlines submitted to the network, second you must have submitted a deadline within a certain mathematical formula that your pool uses to award shares of those won blocks... different pools have different formulas, and some of those formulas are dramatically negative for small to medium sized miners...

    the first step in mining burst is to find the correct pool for your size of plots, if you have a small amount like 10TB or less you will need to find a pool that has an unlimited deadline so that you are capable of submitting a deadline every round, so that you get counted into their mathematical formulas to receive a share of any winnings, but once again, you don't get anything if the pool doesn't win a block...

    the greatest mistake smaller miners make is joining a pool that wins a lot of blocks but has a very short deadline, thus they rarely ever receive any winnings from that pool because they never submit deadlines to be counted towards any winnings, they simply thought if they joined the biggest pool they would get rewarded, but thats simply not the case because most of those pools have short deadlines which you will rarely find and thus rarely ever receive any rewards for mining...

    so what are my recommendations? (personal opinions vary on this)

    0-5TB = unlimited deadline pool
    5-10TB = 360 day deadline pool
    10-20TB = 180 day deadline pool
    20-30TB = 90 day deadline pool
    30-40TB = 45 day deadline pool
    etc etc etc

    you can see how this progressively goes down with the greater size of space you commit, its not an exact must happen scale, but you can see the general idea... but one thing I see WAY too often is people with just one or two hard drives on a pool with a day or two deadline, they will see next to nothing for burst compared to if they joined a pool of the correct deadline for their size... but their pool still has to win...