Total earned???

  • Can someone help me decipher the total earned, what does 130D + 0 equal to or mean?

  • @alexmobile means that you have 130 defered payments and never as been payed anything to you... the payment will be sen in 24h or when you reach 300D... Happy mining

  • Thanks!!! so far I am hooked!! this is a test using my laptop, now that I know I can do this, I will setup my other PC which has 8TB to do the same.

  • Failed to ask

    What factors should one focus on to achieve a bigger share??

    Larger Hard Drive
    Fast CPU
    Fast Network

    What would be the optimum PC build for this type of application?

  • @alexmobile You only need a large Hard Drive. don't need a fast CPu and Internet is less than 1 MB Up or Down.
    The only time you need a strong GPU or CPU is for Plot the Drives. For example I have one dual core CPU with 2Gb of Ram for mining.

  • @alexmobile :
    Large had drive definitely... Biggest the plot, better!
    Fast CPU only for plotting and if you have a graphics card good enough to have OpenCL your CPU doesn't matter because GPU is at least 10x faster while plotting.
    Fast Network only becomes a factor for cloud aplications or something like that.

  • @gpedro I was reading on using AMAZON CLOUD for mining, but I did not understand what they meant with ...

    "Plot 15GB plots and upload them up to the cloud using net drive..."

    I know what net drive is but, Am I right to assume plot ONE 15Gb take that file and upload the same file on different 15GB cloud drives over and over?
    for example
    F:15gb SAME FILE
    G:15gb SAME FILE
    H:15gb SAME FILE
    I:15gb SAME FILE
    J:15gb SAME FILE

  • @alexmobile no. Every plot has to have the nonces that is writing on free, this means that nonces could not overlapped.
    Here's some of my Google Drive plots:

    4162537466170472951_150000000000_57220_1024 (14GB)
    4162537466170472951_160000000000_57220_1024 (14GB)
    4162537466170472951_170000000000_57220_1024 (14GB)
    Numeric Account ID_Start nonce_total of nonces_stagger(RAM used)

    Understand the plot file name now?

    P.S.:I have now 13 Google Drives xP

  • @gpedro

    WHOA !
    you lost me...

    Not trying to be such a NOOB , please forgive me..LOL!!

    can you explain how do I plot with different NONCES?

    Also can you plot on a fast CPU PC then move over the drive (if its external) to a slow CPU PC where you will mine from? It took me a week to plot this 1.8TB

    what is the biggest plot you can do with any Cloud drive? And any tips which cloud service should I use?

    I appreciate the education...

  • @alexmobile how did you do this plots? if you did by the AIO wallet you should not worry about any of this because it already do all for you don't mess it up. If you do the plots manually you need to understand what i explained before.
    You can plot where you want and then move it to anywhere you want just can't change the plot name...
    With clouds will depends on the space you have in the account, and the quality of your Upload speeds. With the clouds i'm testing and i'm not an expert, so i can't give any other information of witch you find in that post you're talking before... crutsy and Propagandalf are way ahead of me in this

  • @gpedro

    Ok I will go find that thread and re read it carefully several times when I get home and experiment with both Google, AMAZON and one drive.


  • @alexmobile i think i've readed somewhere that amazon it's too slow and probably google has the biggest bandwitch so that's what i'm using xD

  • admin

    @alexmobile using the example gpedro posted:

    4162537466170472951_150000000000_57220_1024 (14GB)
    4162537466170472951_160000000000_57220_1024 (14GB)
    4162537466170472951_170000000000_57220_1024 (14GB)

    The first number is your account ID - triple check it matches your account numeric ID - if it's different these plots are no use to you.
    The second number is the starting Nonce number. As you plot you creat nonce 1,2,3, .... for however many you told it.
    The third number is the number of nonces in this plot file.
    The fourth number is the stagger, it relates to how much memory you use while plotting - bigger is better, but ignore it for now.

    A big problem is over lapping nonce, if you plot a file then a second file - if the starting nonce of the second file is not > than the starting nonce of plot 1 + number of nonces in plot 1, then both plots have the same nonce, and one copy is useless. Gpedro seems to be incrementing his starting nonce by 10 Billion each time, so over lap will not be a problem ..... 😉

    If any of this didn't make sense, say which part and we can elaborate.

  • @gpedro I am sure you are using net drive correct? Does Net drive allow for multiple Google accounts all with different usernames and passwords?

    Once they are mapped to your PC is when you start plotting?

    Can I plot while Mining? I don't want to stop may need to put my other PC to work on this as well.

    Thanks again...

  • @haitch Thanks I have not gotten this far yet...

    still trying to find time to experiment and figure out what they mean when they say PLOT THE CLOUD DRIVE THEN UPLOAD THE FILE TO THE CLOUD?

    If you add Net Drive and a cloud account does it not show up as a mapped drive on your PC? And when you plot it will it create and leave the file on that drive?

    so if you have 5 Cloud drives you have to plot each one separately?

    It may sound like a noob questions, but trying not to!

  • @alexmobile yes... don't use in the trial, they limit bandwidth used... Allow as many accounts for whatever clouds you use (the only limit they have is alphabethic letters for the drives xD)
    You can plot it before and only map the network with NetDrive on the end it doesn't matter...
    Yes you can plot while you are mining no problem!
    PLOT THE CLOUD DRIVE THEN UPLOAD THE FILE TO THE CLOUD means to plot for your local drive (then you should optimize the plot! I haven't done and may have to upload the files again...) and then upload it for the cloud via browser (via netdrive they block the file size at 10GB as long as the app) and this will take a while(maybe 2-3 days for the 5 drives).
    Plotting directly you should forget about it... i have done 1 plot of 5 GB directly for my personal Google Drive and took almost a day, when it writes on the cloud your speed is real bad...
    @crutsy I've try'd last night and have a lot of PS and i will make a post of it in next hours about the best config i get with my 13 Google Drives...

    P.S.: @haitch words were more educational that mine... sorry xD