Have anyone saw this new asset?

  • Hey there folks,
    I've received a few shares of this Bconnect asset and by taking a quick peak in the blockchain it looks like it was created by Bittrex... Am I looking right? An exchanger opening an asset in the AE? Maybe this finally can bring a bit of volumes to the AE xD

    Asset: 3085180625413041071

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    @gpedro said in Have anyone saw this new asset?:


    How you see it as bittrex account. in his last payment he transfered funds to bittrex from his burst wallet you misunderstand something its a 100% scam asset not even know who opened it??

  • @progryu009gaijin I've readed that...

    @dvndr007 LOL glad I asked because I've been working all night and just saw that, and somehow I saw the unobvious... You should be absolutelly right... It can not be a SCAM but it isn't from bittrex almost for sure... xD

  • Hi Guys, I am the owner of BurstConnect Asset (bconnect).

    Unfortunately I can not post in forums as the Asset is not approved so I made a website [https://burstconnect.wordpress.com/](link url) to detail the what the Asset is about.

    I have given away 2 shares to around 100 random Burst Accounts as the best form of advertisement for the Asset.

    As the Web page details, all Burst funds are converted to Bitconnect Coin via Bittrex and Bitconnects own exchange platform and Loaned to the Bitconnect Loan program, with 50% of the interest returned as dividends and 50% reinvested.

    The idea of this Asset was to provide a fund whereby investors can investing Bitconnect Loans without being in a locked in term, enabling the investor to sell their shares on the Asset exchange at any time.

    Payouts are weekly (Thursday's) and reinvestment is outlined on the site, payment #3 is expected to be over 5,000 Burst so if you are keen get in and buy some shares, for a near immediate return.

    Not sure if this asset will be approved here to comment on, but comments are open on the site where all payments are documented as well as a Twitter (https://twitter.com/BurstConnect) account to follow.

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    @dags You might not be able to post at that other site, but you have full posting/publishing rights here.

    Please post and explain you asset.



  • Thanks I will start a new thread with the Asset Name