New thstake asset!

  • I would like to announce the creation of a new asset within the burst universe based on staking coins. The asset is similar to the one provided by the burst team, however with mostly different coins contained within it.

    Asset ID: 18176646582737130927
    Burstcoin Wallet ID: BURST-Q94J-49K3-RTGF-CJSYR
    Total Number of Assets: 1,000,000 (One Million)

    Initial Cost per asset: 15 burst coins Estimated value is 6.6 bitcoin in total value.

    Coins to be staked (starting out) are as follows:

    Bitbeans (bitb): current value in btc: 0.00000008
    Hyperstake (hyp): current value in btc: 0.00000045
    Hyper (Hyper): current value in btc: 0.00002062
    Diamond (DMD): current value in btc: 0.00046800
    OKCash (OK): current value in btc: 0.00000566
    NetCoin(NET): current value in btc: 0.00000032

    Current wallet addresses can be viewed at the provided link(s) below:







    Dividend Amount: 80% of stakes over the course of 1 month. Payment should be on or around the first Monday of each month.
    Retained stake amount: 15% of stakes over the course of 1 month
    Maintenance fee: 5% Fee is used to purchase shares back from the general public, once all initial offered shares are sold, at current market values.

    Information gathered from the following thread was used in the creation of this asset:

    I am planning on trying to do a dividend for July, however if asset sales are low, it may not be possible due to low volume. If that is the case, the first dividend should be available September 5, 2016 (first monday of the month) for stakes earned from initial launch through the month of August.

    FYI, as stated in the previous thread, I have added a starting amount of 3.4x Million Bitbeans to the staking potential of the asset. I reserve the right to remove that amount of coins in the future for other investments as I see fit. ALL OTHER COINS CURRENT AND FUTURE ARE PROPERTY OF THE ASSET AND NO SINGLE PERSON OR INVESTOR.

    Also, any funds or tips that are sent to the burst wallet of the asset, will be used to purchase more coins for the asset.

    If anyone has an questions or concerns please let me know. Thanks for the interest in this guys! Lets all do our part and help make all of these coins, as well as Burst (obviously) more wanted, and more secure!

    **edit added link to Netcoin block explorer of wallet (8/23/2016)
    **edit HYPER was liquidated (removed from the asset), and the funds were used to add additional Netcoins (9/19/2016)

  • As people start purchasing the assets, I will start transferring them out of the wallet to purchase the staked coins. You can follow the progress through the link(s) provided for each wallet. This process may take a few days here and there depending on how slow or fast the asset sells. There are minimums to how much you can buy / sell on exchanges so will have to have enough to make solid purchases for each coin.

    I hope to post updates every week or two as to the value of each wallet as they grow and stake. I will also provide accounting information on a monthly post, that indicates what transactions happened, buys / sells / stakes etc to keep everyone in the loop.

  • @tomahawkeer This looks promising. I think I will purchase a small amount by the end of this month. Good luck with your project 🙂

  • Just kind of throwing this out there.

    Currently today, my bitbeans that I have in the asset, has staked 8k bitbeans (8 stakes). This equates to about 1454 in burst coin at current values. 80% of that would go out in dividens to current asset holders which is about 1163 total burst for the payout, just from the small amount of bitbeans that I have in the asset. No other coins are really staking as there just isn't much in the them, and Hyperstake / Diamond coin both take 8 and 9 days coin age to start staking, however once we get some assets sold, there is excellent potential here guys.

  • haha i wanted to start the exact same kind of asset ^^ ... also an staking asset,wish u good luck man & a lot of success!

  • @overdozedCEO start another, and merge with this one --> less variance in income?

  • Honestly if you want to start one, I would say just pick a few different coins and start it. Nothing wrong with doing that. Kind of like diversifying your investments! Its a good thing for investors, as well as the staking coins, and burst, all at the same time. Kind of a win, win if you ask me!

  • New stake coin for sale right now. Don't know anything about it.

  • Interesting, I am buying a assent and will buy more soon.

  • After 1 day 2914 asset shares have been sold. It is a good start. The asset balance is currently at 43,713 burst. Would really like to see this go up a bit before I get some more coins purchased for staking. I could purchase some of the less expensive coins (Net / BitB) now and it would make a difference. The larger coins (Dmd, Hyp,, Hyper) take longer to mature, and need larger amounts in the account to stake, so if you notice nothing has been transfered off the account yet, that is why. Waiting to get enough in the wallet to warrent purchase a stakable amount of coins.

    Keep on buying them up and thanks again for helping making this a reality.

  • Got me some 🙂

  • Thank you!

    Had a good sized buy earlier, and have sent out the funds to buy more coins.

    FYI, I am going to start a facebook group for the asset to help people keep up with it better. Will post it in this thread later tonight.

  • bought some too!

  • @tomahawkeer grab some... that facebook idea is great for the asset and for burst! Do it right away please xD


    Group is created. It is a closed group, please feel free to apply and I will approve.

  • Each week, I plan on listing the amount of stakes received for every coin within the asset. The asset Start on July 21, so for this week here is the list of coins and stakes earned keep in mind this isn't a full week and asset sales have been somewhat slow:

    Bitbeans: 30,000 coins
    Netcoin: 316.44x coins
    OKCash: 0.704 coins
    Hyper: 2.9 coins (next coin to be deposited to)
    HyperStake: n/a (8.8 day maturity)
    Diamond: n/a (9 day maturity)

    Burstcoin sold from asset purchases: 91,981
    Staking coins purchased with sale of burstcoin funds: Netcoin: 124,687

    In the future I will just post this information to the facebook group that I created, so please join it to keep up with the asset.

    Happy bursting guys!

  • I appreciate that you will update regularly on facebook, but would you also be willing to post updates once in a while in the forum? I think there are many of us who prefer not to use facebook in order to retain anonymity.

  • @Propagandalf I second this. Not a big deal but the occasional update here would be appreciated. Facebook has become too gross to use, for me at least.

    @tomahawkeer Thanks for the effort you're putting into this, I'm sure sales will pick up soon. For me this is the next asset I'll be saving for.

  • @Hotdogler yeah i personally dislike facebook.

    @tomahawkeer could you please use something else than facebook?

  • Not a problem ill post updates here in the forums as things progress.