Pool Payouts. How do they work?

  • @haitch I have been mining for 10 days but my wallet has not received any increase. I logged onto the website for the pool (pool.burstcoin.eu) and if I am reading things correctly, my current shares show 898 Burst, historic shares says 514.92 in the reward column and the total earned column is 1498Q + 0. Since this is my first time mining, I want to make sure everything is set up correctly. Maybe I am too impatient. If there is a schedule for payout, please let me know. Also, is there someplace that explains the information I am seeing on the screen? Thanks for any info.

  • The 1498Q is how many burst you'll get when it hits the payout requirement, it should go from Q (queued), to U (unconfirmed sent). The other side of the + is how much has been paid.

    The shares reward (898) is how many you'd get because of your current deadline if the pool wins that block. The historic shares (514) is what you'd also get if your pool wins the block regardless of your deadline that block.

  • @captinkid , if it is "Q", it should be paid now but the pool doesn't have enough money. "D" is earned but waiting for the payout requirement (300 min, 50 min, whatever the pool is set for).

  • admin

    @khnkdn There was a problem with the payout DB table - I've resolved that and you payout is on its way.


  • @haitch Payment received. Thank you very much.