Hello, New Miner here.

  • Hello, just managed to get through the set-up, plotting, and mining process. As part of intro: thank you to Creepsky and everyone else involved, especially for the step-by-steps, they make sense once you start using Linux properly, t'was quite the learning curve, but Now I have a local wallet running on my machine, and am solo-mining (with no results.., as expected).

    Currently running an old Dell Optiplex and 1TB drive with a 160GB plot to test, and a 500GB plot in process.

    As usual with these things: could someone recommend a running pool that is good for tiny miners like myself?
    And if anyone can toss me a few coin to set up recipients for said pools I would really appreciate it. If you do, please let me know your address so I can pay you back.




  • @poo Some headed your way. No need to pay me back. Pay it forward.

  • @FlippyCakes Thanks so much!