Assets That Are No Longer Valid Functioning on The Burst Platform (Uniburst, Bsilver, Worldmine, BURSity)

  • So here's the list:


    All these assets are no longer functioning assets on the Burst platform. I am interested and buying all shares of these assets at a fair price we can negotiate or you can all sell directly into my buy orders on the AE. I just figured incase anyone missed the news they should know.

  • your kinda the repo man?

  • @Jaxblack Haha yeah kinda

  • Kmaxkmax Please dont mix BurstGrow with not functioning assets. It is alive and and working. Only the The dividends are less frequent now. But the funds behind the asset are growing . Its maybe Not the best paying asset but im behind the asset and it will keep working and paying dividends. Feel free to buy but please dont mix with asets which stopped operations. In future BurstGrow will Keep paying and the frequency of dividends may even return to weekly. That Deppends on the incomes and Btc vs Burst price. Some of these are influenced by me but some are out of my control. But if you check the holdings of the asset itself. They are worth in fiat much more than when it started . If You have any questions relating my asset please feel free to ask. You will find the link for the right place under my post. Thanks

  • @potkas my apologies

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