BurstConnect Asset (bconnect ID: 3085180625413041071)

  • BurstConnect Asset for the Burst Coin Crypto-Currency Community.

    BurstConnect Asset allows Investors to purchase shares in BitConnect Loan program.

    By using the Power of Many to invest in the Bitconnect Loam Program at a higher interest rate than a single investor would normally achieve, with a smaller individual investment.

    BurstConnect Asset provides a fund where investors are not restricted by the fixed term limitations set by BitConnect, where the Investor can sell their shares at any time on the Burst Asset Exchange

    BurstConnect Asset Investment Strategy is to raise approximately US$25,000 to invest in the BitConnect Loan Program at the highest possible level for the maximum amount of profit over the shortest period of time.

    50% of daily interest will be re-invested back into Bitconnect to grow the Asset. The other 50% will be withdrawn and converted to Burst Coin and distributed as a dividend.

    ASSET ID: 3085180625413041071
    ASSET Issuer: BConnect
    Total Supply: 500,000
    Initial Price: 5 Burst
    Dividends Paid: Weekly
    Creation Date: 4/9/2017

    100% of Dividends will be paid out to shareholders, there are no Administration costs other then the usual transfer fees.
    A minimum Dividend amount to be paid will be set in a future date, any dividends below this set amount will be rolled over to the next payment.

    Investors who would also like to invest with BitConnect with their own funds directly can use this affiliate link to join, and share in the referral bonus of their own funds.

    Join Here: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=BurstConnect

    7% referral fee will be paid to the BurstConnect Account to help grow the Asset.

    Investments made initially will depend on Share sales and could be as low as the minimum investment allowable of $100, preferably would like to achieve $1010 investments, as there are 500,000 shares on offer it is entirely possible for larger investments to be made should this Asset become more popular.

    Any Burst Funds not already invested will be store in the BurstConnect Burst Wallet or converted to Bitconnect and deposited to a Bitconnect wallet for staking earning up to 120%p.a., whilst waiting for the next investment level.

    Once all 500,00 shares are sold that would achieve approx $20,000 in Capital investments plus reinvestment's. With the average of 1% interest per day, we should see a profit of around $1400 per week, of which $700 will be reinvested and $700 will be withdrawn and converted to Burst Coin and distributed as a dividend at currents Burst and Bitcoin rate (8/31/2017) would be approx 80,000 Burst Coin. This dividend is only going to increase over time with reinvestment and compound interest and affiliate payments.

    After sell out, or $20,000 in the Bitconnect account, in 1 year projections (without any affiliate contributions) the Asset should be worth approximately US$122,000 and would have distributed around $103,000 in dividends, or 12,000,000 Burst Coin.

    At the time of posting there have been 2 payouts totalling 7837 BURST (approx US$74), 8500 in Burst Wallet and US$1280 in the Bitconnect Loam Program.

    100 random Burst Wallet have received 2 bconnect Shares as advertisement getting this Asset recognition.

    Follow this post for updates as well as

    Thanks for joining.


    Note:- This is a high risk program although all due care is taken, Bitconnect program may close and all funds lost.
    Also:- Should the Owner decide to close this Asset, Dividends will be be paid until all Investment Funds and Interest payments are returned to BurstConnect Asset Shareholders and the Bitconnect Account has a Zero Balance.

    Nothing is Guaranteed in CryptoCurrency.

  • @dags @dags whats your motivation for creating this asset?

  • @keyd0s Main reason was the lack of activity within the Burst Asset community particularly after all the crap that went down a few months ago, Burst was the first and only Currency i knew, so i bought 3 x 8TB drives to mine and still haven't generated the Burst to cover the cost.

    So I ventured into the big bad world of crypto currency, I did get burnt on a couple of programs but looking into Bitconnect I feel it has more potential by being backed by its own coin. So I invested. i knew it would be a slow process on my own.

    The idea of BurstConnect Asset as already described is to created more Burst activity plus give those who are like me with smaller funds who like the idea of Bitconnect Loan Program to pool our funds get higher interest and shorter term, whilst having the ability to sell out of the Asset, unlike Bitconnect where funds are locked up for the full term.

    I see there are 2 other Assets here in this forum investing in the same program, so there seems to be plenty of choice.

    Thanks for taking an interest.

  • @dags Hi I have a few questions /points to clarify.

    1. It looks like you have made a $1010 investment, can you confirm this and that this is owned by the Asset?

    2. You say the value in the BCC loan program is $1280, assuming that you did make a $1010 initial investment then this implies that you have reinvested a further $270 into loans, can you confirm this?

    3. You state that 50% is being reinvested and 50% to Shareholders and that $74 has been paid in Dividends to Shareholders. Can you please spell out the current investment / returns / reinvestments / payments to Shareholders so far so that we can understand exactly how you are doing things.

    4. You say that the ideal investment would be $10,010. How do you intend to make that possible? Are you going to take on board Shareholders until you have raised the $10,010 and then make the investment or are you going to use your own Money to make the investment?

    If the former of the two how are you going to pay Dividends before the investment is made and what will you do if the $10,010 target is not reached?

    This is all very important as quite apart from the intrinsic risks all your attractive numbers are built round this $10,010 investment. Of course everything is fine if you intend to use your own money for the $10,010 investment?



    While waiting for a reply and raising further questions I would add the following.

    Dags Account is very new to this Forum and is not verified. I would still prefer it that only established and verified Forum members could promote Assets, however it's up to haitch.

    There is a lot that is unclear about this Asset and until questions are answered in a satisfactory fashion I would advise holding fire on any investment.

    In particular from what I have read I cannot see how it is possible to make the $10,010 investment unless dags uses his own money? Without that all there will be is a sequence of $110 investments with their 299 Day Capital return?

  • @RichBC Hey Rich, no problem

    1. I made original deposit $1040 from my own BTC, then transferred the equivalent value in BurstConnect Share to my personal Burst Wallet, all funds in Bitconnect belong to Asset.
      see here for conversion https://burstconnect.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/first-deposit-completed/

    2. See blog post https://burstconnect.wordpress.com/blog/ for transactions of reinvestment's and dividends

    3. Again see blog post, I show a weekly starting balance, with reinvest amount, new loan amount from Asset purchases Burst.

    4. Ideally $10010 would be initial investment as stated for maximum return and that would come from Asset purchases. if I had that amount to invest myself i wouldn't bother with creating this Asset, if large purchases of the Asset are not available i will continue to make smaller investments to continue to grow the Asset, whilst Burst funds are sitting in wallet they are not earning the interest, So this Asset may grow slowly at the start until investors can see payouts are regular, on time as stated, to gain confidence.

    I have just made the 3rd weekly payout just before I posted here over 5000 Burst, stay tuned will post details of confirmation.

    Hope this answer your questions, I have tried to be transparent as possible on the webpage https://burstconnect.wordpress.com

  • Week 3 Dividend has been paid

    Starting Bitconnect Loan Balance $1130

    Reinvested $50

    New Investment $100

    Withdrawn BTC 0.01088961

    Converted to Burst 5,249.81 = Approx US$45

    Week 4 Starting Balance $1280

    BConnect (3085180625413041071) Total found assets: 500000, Assets to be distributed: 21722
    Summary of proposed distribution of 5249.81604567BURST to 106
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 98873914 (Wed, 11 Jan 2017 20:58:34 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    20398, BURST-H8H2-7U9E-2M4Y-8NSNB, 4929.82909951
    553, BURST-67Y3-BX2L-JXVF-HKU9G, 133.65013688
    222, BURST-GAME-PAYS-YMKS-4R4JW, 53.65340034
    102, BURST-438E-UEV4-DCLK-AADEE, 24.65156232
    66, BURST-757C-J8XH-LJM5-6ZA7H, 15.95101091
    61, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 14.74260099
    60, BURST-6KSU-WLBR-K9AR-6RXEN, 14.50091901
    42, BURST-3RSJ-5NT7-FB3K-GMJSK, 10.15064331
    17, BURST-38UT-Q82X-N7FV-5KR6P, 4.10859372
    10, BURST-79T5-B2ER-5FYR-9K6EF, 2.41681984
    2, BURST-AF6U-C977-MHSW-6BX4R, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2FBJ-SV63-QPQG-A6F6G, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-84JC-NCSB-VUVV-2XPHP, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-8KD8-MH4F-SE4D-HZS2Y, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-83M4-9D3Y-2PEC-4MV4J, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-82UG-BD3T-ZETW-6ZW9Q, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7X5S-WHD6-NKSP-2DUEF, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-74JS-RRMH-333Y-5E483, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7GQF-KBBM-ZURQ-7J4KJ, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7W3M-YYMQ-WZEE-4T8UW, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7BXU-TTFG-Z2JF-8QUZP, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7K7A-JX2U-QADV-FZYQ6, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7RWQ-GKWA-9CDY-5K8Z4, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7MG7-V68Y-VLY2-DKATK, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-7G8J-9QE8-4X39-BVD87, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-72NE-TK6N-P3WG-HVV6R, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6Z9N-NLPG-QPZX-HR2WV, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6ZDC-ZSJZ-AGEJ-4RN77, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-62C3-MEGB-KYPV-GDTUG, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6DML-8YTN-J843-7FWUU, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6BJF-ZXMQ-2YGD-EDNG2, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6QAX-75J9-XBKH-47JNW, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6D7F-BTSF-5DXM-9UZV9, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6KLL-B2FJ-459D-E74PT, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6WHS-4FPN-LKLS-BYXK5, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6X9U-T62T-8S2L-EUZMA, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6GQE-7TUR-2BWQ-6VMC5, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6U8L-7DDS-3RZR-8Q977, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6GDF-JFZL-MX5D-HP8SJ, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6HX6-GP54-LSK7-26V89, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-6EKN-KRPB-KLK7-H9C2H, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-5M5H-5A5L-YEXN-BB6VN, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-5KR8-VAZH-CD6X-CQ29Y, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-5U8Y-8KB8-VH74-242R8, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-5PH2-833V-PU2K-4E9NR, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-5K9Z-ESLD-GH5P-9WBCU, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-592H-TN3F-CXNU-EPK2N, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-59AY-7NBZ-QNX7-CG8SW, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3NYX-N53M-43H2-7JHXL, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3WPC-2RDG-34UG-D4MMC, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-54DG-4HWL-BGSU-2FBXW, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-48KZ-3WB2-AQDV-8UDGT, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-BR86-JFTT-97XK-GTFFC, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3NCB-4CCB-TJ3A-4VA8A, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3MQW-XLNK-RCPQ-GWVQP, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4X63-N6TT-KVMJ-AAQRJ, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4M9B-J6L8-RANL-6NWQJ, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-39FT-HGLU-SJ34-DH692, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-52K7-6YHH-6B2Q-9ZJ5Y, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4J3S-RYPJ-V3N9-AXSXB, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3S9D-HLFC-Y8HT-CARDZ, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4FYE-VPDU-ST2T-8UAHC, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-46WX-2Q57-4524-4HZKB, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-343U-UNRR-ZU3E-AZ9KW, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4X7N-UR5G-XW8Y-3G9QW, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3DAN-8H4A-CNLP-BLWN6, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4R38-S7P4-5RA3-53J7N, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3TGJ-QS3P-ANV4-FCLF3, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3NZP-J6QE-2PXW-6D4D6, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4CTH-XEGM-5GXG-CYEE9, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3X45-J383-DXGZ-B8NC5, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3QC6-HH22-F794-7FZ2H, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-49SU-RN2L-S7U2-826H8, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-43TN-FNTS-RQWX-3BTTD, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-52VQ-97GR-E7XM-DALKX, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-578M-QNAR-C6HT-DB5UB, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3W2B-XH59-KH7U-EPZ66, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3MN8-QWK6-77ZD-8LWK3, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4866-HRF6-SHT2-D7T6T, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-34CE-KT2C-8FCU-4AX3X, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2XGS-N9DA-2W66-FKM99, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3J3Q-74VS-RWCY-2J62J, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4BBE-CLGY-XFEW-D7JJB, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-4T39-WTUG-WBVW-DX85C, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3QDF-KKCJ-L4WV-78Z97, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3TTJ-HQQS-EWPB-DM69K, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3FNP-85SD-EHKN-G6QK3, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-3JQA-V8WP-3THZ-F25MM, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2XWT-4GDA-W8Q4-2BJGC, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-37K2-ZTUC-X2EJ-CRSE8, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2TAF-CSJB-Z3P4-G78FD, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2SQF-N8FC-7M8L-CRV29, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2GCY-QHEM-Z4A5-C2WFT, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2QBR-E2QF-XKV7-6HGEH, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2XFB-4LXQ-U398-GUBP9, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2JWG-C6K4-M29B-2KUWQ, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2RPR-S5CS-KZW4-4PEN4, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2HH6-NRFH-DRNT-AL5UM, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2M55-2S78-XKXB-94M7M, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-2EP2-5YDF-22YH-B5FZL, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-283A-4AJ9-3FQT-8T3CN, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-26NE-5UYA-KLQU-2T39Z, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-22CD-HYNM-PF6W-82LDF, 0.48336397
    2, BURST-42JY-E6TZ-885E-AZ9HK, 0.48336397
    1, BURST-LDZK-YZTV-B6X5-FH5UM, 0.24168198


    Amount paid, Account, TX
    4929.82909951, BURST-H8H2-7U9E-2M4Y-8NSNB, 10196590563876682221
    133.65013688, BURST-67Y3-BX2L-JXVF-HKU9G, 4354100915613738426
    53.65340034, BURST-GAME-PAYS-YMKS-4R4JW, 11925685320718931406
    24.65156232, BURST-438E-UEV4-DCLK-AADEE, 14055311442187732416
    15.95101091, BURST-757C-J8XH-LJM5-6ZA7H, 10058204935367341576
    14.74260099, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 9950806579010847954
    14.50091901, BURST-6KSU-WLBR-K9AR-6RXEN, 9286748181325611483
    10.15064331, BURST-3RSJ-5NT7-FB3K-GMJSK, 15878280646375009900
    4.10859372, BURST-38UT-Q82X-N7FV-5KR6P, 17129161965912814360
    2.41681984, BURST-79T5-B2ER-5FYR-9K6EF, 16618992779507521010
    0.48336397, BURST-AF6U-C977-MHSW-6BX4R, 7339584882929591779
    0.48336397, BURST-2FBJ-SV63-QPQG-A6F6G, 3289672785625675311
    0.48336397, BURST-84JC-NCSB-VUVV-2XPHP, 12427773559352792503
    0.48336397, BURST-8KD8-MH4F-SE4D-HZS2Y, 12798375263140088142
    0.48336397, BURST-83M4-9D3Y-2PEC-4MV4J, 3609956656140613556
    0.48336397, BURST-82UG-BD3T-ZETW-6ZW9Q, 7811707492511876797
    0.48336397, BURST-7X5S-WHD6-NKSP-2DUEF, 13703817257322915039
    0.48336397, BURST-74JS-RRMH-333Y-5E483, 18014659899228440519
    0.48336397, BURST-7GQF-KBBM-ZURQ-7J4KJ, 16733111533543019535
    0.48336397, BURST-7W3M-YYMQ-WZEE-4T8UW, 7716288994074333883
    0.48336397, BURST-7BXU-TTFG-Z2JF-8QUZP, 14940722692289293375
    0.48336397, BURST-7K7A-JX2U-QADV-FZYQ6, 2041682425791269853
    0.48336397, BURST-7RWQ-GKWA-9CDY-5K8Z4, 7680504306731616483
    0.48336397, BURST-7MG7-V68Y-VLY2-DKATK, 9187760115096661710
    0.48336397, BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG, 13630660592629884324
    0.48336397, BURST-7G8J-9QE8-4X39-BVD87, 1235909156126409714
    0.48336397, BURST-72NE-TK6N-P3WG-HVV6R, 15181263509839620946
    0.48336397, BURST-6Z9N-NLPG-QPZX-HR2WV, 17953253794429622686
    0.48336397, BURST-6ZDC-ZSJZ-AGEJ-4RN77, 15634708318269851026
    0.48336397, BURST-62C3-MEGB-KYPV-GDTUG, 4076707609376819871
    0.48336397, BURST-6DML-8YTN-J843-7FWUU, 184921509847261500
    0.48336397, BURST-6BJF-ZXMQ-2YGD-EDNG2, 869146128919378902
    0.48336397, BURST-6QAX-75J9-XBKH-47JNW, 7662451912047429409
    0.48336397, BURST-6D7F-BTSF-5DXM-9UZV9, 17268020566977324791
    0.48336397, BURST-6KLL-B2FJ-459D-E74PT, 14086483492996729241
    0.48336397, BURST-6WHS-4FPN-LKLS-BYXK5, 10732329921006878619
    0.48336397, BURST-6X9U-T62T-8S2L-EUZMA, 12326026564783508398
    0.48336397, BURST-6GQE-7TUR-2BWQ-6VMC5, 8840578540143158163
    0.48336397, BURST-6U8L-7DDS-3RZR-8Q977, 15527364123298871754
    0.48336397, BURST-6GDF-JFZL-MX5D-HP8SJ, 14370801112298003483
    0.48336397, BURST-6HX6-GP54-LSK7-26V89, 5078362578068123276
    0.48336397, BURST-6EKN-KRPB-KLK7-H9C2H, 4753968613160257428
    0.48336397, BURST-5M5H-5A5L-YEXN-BB6VN, 9553174006594218631
    0.48336397, BURST-5KR8-VAZH-CD6X-CQ29Y, 10777972824111171855
    0.48336397, BURST-5U8Y-8KB8-VH74-242R8, 8004340312861454634
    0.48336397, BURST-5K9Z-ESLD-GH5P-9WBCU, 6740347477095339463
    0.48336397, BURST-5PH2-833V-PU2K-4E9NR, 12071893027565036222
    0.48336397, BURST-592H-TN3F-CXNU-EPK2N, 8929690321539356407
    0.48336397, BURST-59AY-7NBZ-QNX7-CG8SW, 11560478612905615165
    0.48336397, BURST-3NYX-N53M-43H2-7JHXL, 17325839764775867075
    0.48336397, BURST-3WPC-2RDG-34UG-D4MMC, 1372502920270718756
    0.48336397, BURST-54DG-4HWL-BGSU-2FBXW, 16069648832072530976
    0.48336397, BURST-48KZ-3WB2-AQDV-8UDGT, 841403568711732387
    0.48336397, BURST-BR86-JFTT-97XK-GTFFC, 1189102517532076652
    0.48336397, BURST-3NCB-4CCB-TJ3A-4VA8A, 16256740448733506790
    0.48336397, BURST-3MQW-XLNK-RCPQ-GWVQP, 17313136031217643999
    0.48336397, BURST-4X63-N6TT-KVMJ-AAQRJ, 12953826060287441880
    0.48336397, BURST-4M9B-J6L8-RANL-6NWQJ, 3320712171778438708
    0.48336397, BURST-39FT-HGLU-SJ34-DH692, 15920554234375595840
    0.48336397, BURST-52K7-6YHH-6B2Q-9ZJ5Y, 14889617242540823733
    0.48336397, BURST-4J3S-RYPJ-V3N9-AXSXB, 6386229457661506553
    0.48336397, BURST-3S9D-HLFC-Y8HT-CARDZ, 2133091461722293088
    0.48336397, BURST-4FYE-VPDU-ST2T-8UAHC, 13207032853969618814
    0.48336397, BURST-46WX-2Q57-4524-4HZKB, 10160628869937508612
    0.48336397, BURST-343U-UNRR-ZU3E-AZ9KW, 13266485260754883100
    0.48336397, BURST-4X7N-UR5G-XW8Y-3G9QW, 7318856460874215166
    0.48336397, BURST-3DAN-8H4A-CNLP-BLWN6, 642498023170622130
    0.48336397, BURST-4R38-S7P4-5RA3-53J7N, 15258694770918296486
    0.48336397, BURST-3TGJ-QS3P-ANV4-FCLF3, 3471181072855514607
    0.48336397, BURST-3NZP-J6QE-2PXW-6D4D6, 6599897854565244866
    0.48336397, BURST-4CTH-XEGM-5GXG-CYEE9, 11215234383444976079
    0.48336397, BURST-3X45-J383-DXGZ-B8NC5, 3493534653934976335
    0.48336397, BURST-3QC6-HH22-F794-7FZ2H, 15545506436636928850
    0.48336397, BURST-49SU-RN2L-S7U2-826H8, 17929887657160165368
    0.48336397, BURST-43TN-FNTS-RQWX-3BTTD, 15087782312985961450
    0.48336397, BURST-52VQ-97GR-E7XM-DALKX, 12345525137716451140
    0.48336397, BURST-578M-QNAR-C6HT-DB5UB, 1236356586459660466
    0.48336397, BURST-3W2B-XH59-KH7U-EPZ66, 16302812192487280017
    0.48336397, BURST-3MN8-QWK6-77ZD-8LWK3, 15264576090323153244
    0.48336397, BURST-4866-HRF6-SHT2-D7T6T, 3637064876257355730
    0.48336397, BURST-34CE-KT2C-8FCU-4AX3X, 12301185235012000048
    0.48336397, BURST-2XGS-N9DA-2W66-FKM99, 16687871546341669987
    0.48336397, BURST-3J3Q-74VS-RWCY-2J62J, 10505294529507019684
    0.48336397, BURST-4BBE-CLGY-XFEW-D7JJB, 7946642661600676139
    0.48336397, BURST-4T39-WTUG-WBVW-DX85C, 5797146072264484290
    0.48336397, BURST-3QDF-KKCJ-L4WV-78Z97, 14019046599082113483
    0.48336397, BURST-3TTJ-HQQS-EWPB-DM69K, 9515662752819890628
    0.48336397, BURST-3FNP-85SD-EHKN-G6QK3, 11736702917103295185
    0.48336397, BURST-3JQA-V8WP-3THZ-F25MM, 3462515086730214553
    0.48336397, BURST-2XWT-4GDA-W8Q4-2BJGC, 14581917868799180697
    0.48336397, BURST-37K2-ZTUC-X2EJ-CRSE8, 2714818393867146272
    0.48336397, BURST-2TAF-CSJB-Z3P4-G78FD, 17079767164960155803
    0.48336397, BURST-2SQF-N8FC-7M8L-CRV29, 5512731148418448175
    0.48336397, BURST-2GCY-QHEM-Z4A5-C2WFT, 15387084785653363524
    0.48336397, BURST-2QBR-E2QF-XKV7-6HGEH, 8082298412421273629
    0.48336397, BURST-2XFB-4LXQ-U398-GUBP9, 2619242685655343533
    0.48336397, BURST-2JWG-C6K4-M29B-2KUWQ, 455114770444834932
    0.48336397, BURST-2RPR-S5CS-KZW4-4PEN4, 13776606928511767431
    0.48336397, BURST-2HH6-NRFH-DRNT-AL5UM, 8072105003592066923
    0.48336397, BURST-2M55-2S78-XKXB-94M7M, 2273524864691827888
    0.48336397, BURST-2EP2-5YDF-22YH-B5FZL, 12627547945701796408
    0.48336397, BURST-283A-4AJ9-3FQT-8T3CN, 623451850682602739
    0.48336397, BURST-26NE-5UYA-KLQU-2T39Z, 6261237680385792396
    0.48336397, BURST-22CD-HYNM-PF6W-82LDF, 14853633329383820110
    0.48336397, BURST-42JY-E6TZ-885E-AZ9HK, 4345024612296612519
    0.24168198, BURST-LDZK-YZTV-B6X5-FH5UM, 3230204299836981076
    ————All transactions processed————

  • @dags said in BurstConnect Asset (bconnect ID: 3085180625413041071):


    I reckon account BURST-H8H2-7U9E-2M4Y-8NSNB is you, correct?
    so basically what you're saying is we're creating a 'lending pool' as lending out more gains better profits percentagewise, so we all benefit from it. And you manage the funds and do the payout for no additional costs, but just for the merit of benefiting from the added percentage interest, correct?

    Also I noticed your account is fairly new on the forum. what incentive do we as investors have to trust you handling our funds? Is there anything set in place for that are do we go in blind and pray for the best?

    I think the idea makes perfect sense for everyone involved and it's an initiative that I would've expected earlier, but you seem to be the first to really go all in with it, which earns props.

    Cheers 🙂

  • All this looks really great, and I would love to invest. But it is pretty hard to trust a member that just joined 13 Hours ago. If you could verify your identity with haitch I think that would give you more trust from the whole community. Would love to see this program succeeding (:

  • burst is pretty worthless atm, so i'm in.

  • @keyd0s Yes thats my account, I suppose it like a pool where a shareholder can leave at anytime by selling their shares, i purchase shares just like anyone else, as for full disclosure i do have a personal Bitconnect Account and bconnect is under my referral code, so effectively the referral is my payments for managing BurstConnect Asset totally free of Admin fees.

    I did contact admin on BN (we all know who that is) and was advised that this type of Asset didn't fit the BN profile on their forum, i have been a member there since March, (check it out. same name) so I have been in the Burst community for over 6 months.

    I since sent out the 2 bconnect shares to see if there was any interest. I checked this forum and bconnect had been mentioned so I joined, and claimed the Asset. Everyone has received shares in the past and wondered where they came from what did they invest in, which is why created a website, which an be easily checked with out being in a forum environment.

    There have been trusted members that have ripped off more, all I am doing is providing a solution, there is more money to be made over the long term for everyone. I am easily found on facebook.

    Haitch welcomed me to post here... so here it is.

  • @dags Okay, but would you be willing to make an identity verification? (:
    Appreciate your effort!

  • @dags Great, as soon as youre verified with @haitch id be willing to invest into your asset (:

  • @dags Thanks for the further information, here are further questions and suggestions.

    haitch has been good enough to allow you to promote your Asset here despite being very new and with no verification. So please don't ask us to go back through Blog posts and another Website to attempt to piece together the information on this Asset.

    I suggest you completely rewrite the OP here and provide all the details on the Assets current position where it's easy for everyone on the Forum to find.

    First I would remove all the stuff on the $10,010 investment and the misleading numbers and words on this being "Power of Many to invest in the Bitconnect Loam Program at a higher interest rate than a single investor would normally achieve" as that is not what the Asset is doing now and in practice this is never going to happen. Also although technically Asset Shares can be sold at any time, usually for any quantity it needs to be at a substantial loss.

    Next as well as the information you have provided tell us the number of shares sold to date including your holding. Please spell out how you intend to use the Burst raised from the Share Sales and tell us if the Dividend distribution is to just the sold shares or all the shares?

    Finally I strongly suggest you contact @haitch and set in progress being verified.

    I am BTW completely happy with this being a high risk Asset because of being based on Bitconnect, as that is one thing that is clear to us all 🙂


  • @RichBC Hey Rich
    https://burstconnect.wordpress.com/ is the home of BurstConnect Asset everything you have asked for is on that site, This Asset is now in its 3rd week, the 3 or 4 post haven't even gone to a 2nd webpage yet.

    I have already started promoting this Asset on Twitter which refers back to the website, I intend doing the same on Facebook and Youtube and other forums at some stage, which will refer back to the website.

    I posted the Week 3 payouts detail further up this thread outlines total shares, shares sold and the distribution to shareholders, no funds are distributed to the Issuer Account. I also confirmed my personal Burst Wallet Address, so you can already see how many share I personally hold.

    Reference to the $10010 investment is entirely possible.

    Like any market a shareholder can put their shares for sale in the exchange, let the market to determine what they are worth, if they want to sell at a loss, well, its up to them.

    I have already started this Asset $1040 deposit of which I have been compensated in shares, now all shareholders are now benefiting from the extra 0.1% interest gained from that single deposit. Which is the mission of this Asset.

    If the are no investors (or very few) I will make a decision on whether to deposit the smaller amount so the Asset can still grow and dividends increase to benefit Shareholders over time.

    @haitch is most welcome to contact me regarding verification.

  • I want to thank all the new shareholders that have come on board since i started this post,

    There is currently 36,140 Burst in the BurstConnect Asset wallet, representing US$291 according to burst.today conversion site.

    Hopefully we can get that up to the next threshold of $1010 to gain the extra 0.1% interest bonus over the next week before making the next investment.

    Next level after that is $5010 0.2% and $10010 of 0.25% bonus interest.

    Today's Bitconnect interest payment is 1.85% plus bonus, so looking good again for next weeks dividend.

  • @dags Thanks for confirmation that Dividends are only sent to issued shares. My particular concern is your majoring in the OP on a $10,010 investment and the benefits that would bring, whereas that does not seem to be supported by your actions to Date.

    looking at your website I see "Initial investment deposit will be $10,010........"

    Can you explain what this means? Is it that you intend to accumulate Shareholder funds until the $10,010 is raised or continue doing what I think your Blog posts show, which is to use Shareholder funds to make small $100 Loans with their 299 Day maturity?

    You need to message haitch about verification.


  • @RichBC You are probably right the Rich , I should change that to

    "The optimal and Ideal investment deposit will be...."

  • @dags I am right... and that is why I think you should completely remove all references to the $10,010 investment along with all the large and misleading numbers that follow it both in the OP here and on your website

    So far you have only made $100 additions and even what you are proposing for the new funds you have just received only seem to aspire to a $1010 Loan?


  • Hey Guys,

    Some of you may already have a Bitconnect account, which is cool, but who is your sponsor or affiliate that you signed up under?

    To find out just go to your Bitconnect profile, if your Sponsor is Bitconnect, you can change it to another sponsor.

    So if you want to support BurstConnect Asset and help it grow indirectly so BurstConnect can receive affiliate referral payments from your investment/reinvest, please change it to BurstConnect.

    Or if you choose to open and invest in your own account please use our referral https://bitconnect.co/?ref=BurstConnect it would be most appreciated.

    Cheers dags