Docker image: burst-miner (x86_64, armv7)

  • Hello everybody. I am new to the form and I recently started mining Burstcoin.

    I have just created a Docker image for mining Burstcoin and would like to share it with all of you!

    It supports x86-64 on tag "latest" and armv7(Raspberry Pi 3) on tag "armv7"

    I am also an Unraid user so I also created an Unraid template for it.

    This image is ready to use out of the box. No need to compile it for two hours on the Raspberry Pi 3.

    FYI: You may use my other docker images but they are definitely not production worthy.

    Docker Hub burst-miner
    Unraid docker template
    l used this method to get Docker on my Raspberry Pi 3

    I'm looking into developing this for other low power arm devices that have USB 3.0 or SATA III connections.

    Donations: BURST-HSXZ-ZZPQ-X2U5-2YXDQ

  • what's the point in running miner on Raspberry? Does it have enough CPU power to process data read from HDD fast enough? Or it will be just 1 HDD miner?

  • @CryptoStream

    It was mostly to make it easily available to the arm platform. To add to that Burstcoin is touted as a low power consumption coin but we run it on computers that use more power than necessary. Devices like the PI are cheap and can be put out of the way. We can also use multiple devices so that if there is a crash not everything goes down at once and it will be as fast to fix as swapping out the device.

    It's the only arm device I own for now so I had no choice but to build it on that first. I would love to take suggestions for cheap low power devices that have faster interfaces for hard drives.

    I haven't checked to see what the bottleneck is but for now I'm using a cheap portable 12.5mm 2TB drive and it reads it in 18 seconds. The PI 2 and 3 do have quad core processors so it could possibly run 4 drives. It reports that the read speed is 25MB per second which is about half of the speed that USB 2.0 can do. As far as I know the PI only runs USB at half the rated speed speed meaning so it looks like that this is the bottleneck.

    My PI and drive are powered by a 2.5A phone charger and it's only barely warm to the touch. I thought that the drive would tax it too much.

  • Hmm, sounds reasonable. I have Pi 3 laying on the shelf, I should probably try myself, too..
    As soon as these mini-computers get USB 3.0 on board, they can be used to build an army of smth like Antminers but with HDD mining

  • @jonnyczi I did a bit of googling and found that there is an ARM platform with 2x USB 3.0 ports on board and 4-core CPU (though it costs around $100 in my country) - ODROID-XU4. This might be a good candidate to experiment with