Quick tip for Web Developers

  • Now before I say anything, I am no pro to Web Development but I have built websites and forums, Anyways. The button that redirects users to the home page opens in a new tab, kinda irritating. The home page button that opens the forum doesn't actually redirect to the forum but instead opens a sub-page of the forums with the main header of the website still present. Personally I have the main page redirect to the forum's separate sub domain rather then it's sub folder under the web host and made it in the same tab as the current one open.

  • Oh, and you're footer's copyright hasn't been updated for 2016.

  • admin

    @FaithPlatform - the Copyright statement is the work of the forum software developers, not us. I could edit their code to update it, but I respect their work and utilize their software, and have no intention of updating their copyright statements on their behalf.

    As for the home button, it's not a sub-domain - it's the parent domain. web.burst-team.us is the parent site, if you look there, you'll see that the forums are available as a tab on the site - however they're also available as a standalone web-site, but the real "home" for us is web.burst-team.us.


  • I apologize for my terminology been a little bit since I have been back end, but why are you using a parent domain for you home page when the normal domain is the same thing?

    I understand not editing the footer copyright considering it isn't even your copyright.


  • admin

    @FaithPlatform - To be able to get registered with adsense. www.burst-team.us is acceptable, burst-team.us is acceptable, web.burst-team.us is an unacceptable subdomain ...... various DNS records were juggled to get registered, they need to be cleaned up a little now.