Need opinion

  • Hi guys,

    i am thinking of ways to help burst community and so its price so i thought of talking to
    coincheck, one of the biggest bitcoin and altcoin trading here in japan to include burstcoin to their trading platform.

    i would like to ask if what do you think about it? if i should do it or not?
    If yes, can you give me some ideas on how can i present and promote burstcoin to them?
    im not good at sales talk and something so.

    i just thought maybe, just maybe if they will include our coin to their trading, coin value will go up even a little.

    thanks for your thoughts. here is their website if you want to check.

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    @progryu009gaijin Definitely do it, but I'll leave the talking points to those more eloquent than me.

  • @haitch thank you, yes im still waiting for some advice from good talker or should i say sales talk talented people lol

  • Yep go for it. You could start by saying that the coin has been around since 2014. Explain its advantages (PoC, smart contracts, advanced features...). Show that it is already listed on major exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex with good trading volume. Tell them that there are new developers working on the coin, and that a lot of improvements are being done (you can support this claim by providing a link to the Weekly Burst Reports on or to the main twitter @burstcoin_dev). And you could finish by saying that Burst is currently very undervalued, hence the potential for higher volume soon (meaning more fees for the exchanges).

  • @Gadrah_ thank you, good points ill definitely add this! i just need to compose a good japanese presentation/explanation.

    I will wait for more, i will appreciate all the help i can get in here thanks guys.

  • Its a nobrainer as more popularity for the coin - and more trading places helps everyone involved so go for it.

    From a selling Point of view arguing with "green coin" etc. is useless towards an Exchange. Argue what their Revenue is/could be, trading volume rising in the future due to new dev. Happening lately, etc. agree with Gadrah_ on that.

  • They might want a small fee.. let us know many of us would crowdfund for it.

  • @darindarin yeah that is possible but let us see what will happen, thank you

    @Marc thank you i will take note of that. Ill wait for other suggestion until friday and i will email them this week end.

  • I just got a reply from them, i ask if i can present a new coin to them and maybe they can add it to their platform, and they said currently they dont take request to add new coin as of the moment but they are planning to do so.

    I think we need to wait a little bit more

  • @progryu009gaijin said in Need opinion:

    to add new coin as of the moment but they are planning to do so.
    I think we need to wait a little bit more

    Lol tell them to get off their high horse and that it's on Bittrex. And if it's on Bittrex it's damn well good enough for them.

  • I wanted to present it to them in person or even via skype but they told me they dont take any request as of the moment lol.

    The only coin that they have is eth, btc, doge,, bitcoin cash, dash, lisk, fct, xmr, etc, augur, ripple, zcash, nem, litecoin