Satoshi Mountain Reissued October 2017

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  • admin

    @Dillion @falconCoin Enough. I'm going to be deleting all the crap in these threads, and want you two to take it off line. Continue here and you will get bans.

  • @haitch deleting it only shows your sticking up for another person who decided to start a bunch of $hit and your protecting them

    and also ppl need to know exactly who they are dealing with, he let his own mouth get him into all of this

  • admin

    @falconCoin I said I was going to clean it up, not sterilize it. We don't need 200 posts of back and forth between you two.

  • @haitch well deleting anything shows favoritism and protection over someone who started all of this BS

    we cant have ppl like him stirring up all his crap and then the truth deleted....

    if you let any of the proof/truth of his lies be deleted here then it makes me look like that the bad guy and attacker, when all i did was show the truth and defend myself from the BS he started in my thread yesterday

    asset issuers must be held accountable for ALL of their actions, investors should know who they are investing their money in.

    i agree in the general chat, but when ppl are investing they need to know

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    @falconCoin Enough will be left, and it not showing favoritism - it making your asset threads useable for people, instead of just a lot of repetitive bad mouthing going back and forth. What will new people to the forums think of this crap? And the assets it's going on in ?

  • The truth?
    The truth is that I have collected about $60 from this community and in return have 55tb of discs running 24/7. I have about $350 of my own money into this thing. I don't charge maintenance fee or electric. But I'm the bad guy here? I'm screwing people over? Man this world is really backwards. No one complains other than the smallest holder who holds 0.1 shares which he essentially got for free because I felt bad for him that he bought the old closed shares and not the reissued shares even though I posted here several times before that those shares were dead. So I gave him the equivalent of what he had spent on the old shares worth of the new shares.
    Before the reissue when the top investor was hounding me to close this asset and keep it private. This FalconCoin guy was trying to swindle me into buying shares of his asset and giving them out to holders of the old SM shares. I didn't like that idea at all and evidently he got his panties all in a wad over it.
    Theirs the truth people. $60 collected and 55tb of discs rolling but I catch nothing but greif from one person who has collected thousands upon thousands of dollars from this community. Hmmmm

    Also I have offered a full refund minus dividends received to anyone who is not happy. Just send your transaction ID in a message to the satoshis Mountain wallet. I'm such a monster that I'll refund those who are not happy.

    Y'all can find me on the Blockchain. I'm staying out of here and away from this maniac.
    H please leave this message up encase anyone wants the refund.

    Hopefully my last goodbye

    Boom we just forged another block! I don't know if luck or if that 50tb number is the sweet spot but that's like 5 or 6 forged in less than two weeks 🙂

  • admin

    @Dillion Hopefully not your goodbye, happy to see you stay here, as long as you behave as requested - but both of you need to back off and move it where requested.

  • End of year update

    Since October Reissue

    Dividend Paid Per Share = 289.0551313

    ROI measured in Burst = 9.32%

    ROI measured in USD = 55%

    Reinvestment Balance = 0.00277 BTC

    Currently 51.8 shares in circulation backed by 58tb of discs mining BURST with another 3tb on the way.

    December was the first month that trading was implemented into the asset. The trading is being done in DOGE Markets. Trading fund was started with only 900 BURST from reinvestment funds.
    1st month profit of 3,478 DOGE. I don't have as much time as I'd like to dedicate to trading however doing what I can when can. Right now most of the funds earned from trading are going to expanding BURST mining operations.

    Also using a small portion of earnings to provide liquidity on the asset exchange at 100% USD cost when factoring in dividends paid.

  • Hello

    All share holders please go here for important dividend update.

    What is going on is that I am actually doing fairly well trading strictly in the DOGE markets for this asset. The trading account was started about 6-7 weeks ago with 3k DOGE. Since then we still have the 3k DOGE plus I have earned over 5k DOGE profit which as up to this point has been converted to BURST and added to the dividend payouts.

    We have about $55 worth of crypto set aside for reinvestment only, 0.202 LTC. This will be used to purchase more BURST mining discs.

    Going forward for a temporarily undetermined amount of time.

    1. Going to place 100% of BURST mining earnings towards purchasing more discs and expanding our BURST miners. Currently we are at 61tb of discs.

    2. 100% of DOGE profits earned from trading will go towards paying out dividends.

    3. This is tricky part. With about 14 holders of this asset and now with 100% of BURST mining earnings going toward purchasing more discs it makes no sense to convert the DOGE market profits to BURST. Were losing about 7 DOGE to 1 BURST on that conversion x14 share holders = 98 DOGE just to cover the BURST dividend transaction fees. It makes much more sense for me to just get your DOGE address and make these next payouts in DOGE until we get our BURST miners built up further. At that time I will go back to converting the DOGE to BURST and adding it to the overall dividend.

    So please go to the discord channel and do two favors for me. Post your BURST wallet address that holds your shares of SM and post the DOGE address you would like to receive your dividend with.

    If you do not have a discord account and have no desire to get one. Please message the SM asset on the blockchain with your information.

    Please I hope everyone sees and follows. Do not want anyone left behind.


  • Just got a message on the blockchain that this asset is shutting down.

    "Sorry. Satoshi Mountain had to close the asset. Please cancel your buy order. Due to SEC policy SM needs to shut down to avoid any legal trouble. Sorry again."