NEW Investment Opportunity REGAL COIN (BITCONNECT2.0) GET IN EARLY!!! Lets Build A Team! 50% BURST BONUS Of Referral Reward PAID BACK!!!

  • If you missed the early days of Bitconnect there is a new and just as exciting platform to get into..
    REGAL COIN is a new token that is taking off like a bat out of hell... Just writing this it has jumped up over a dollar in value and nicknamed "Bitconnect 2.0".

    I was one of the first to post here about Bitconnect and I feel just as strong if not stronger about REGAL COIN

    Here is a quick video that shows the potential..

    After 99 days you get your initial investment back! That is 200 days shorter than bitconnect's minimal deposit

    I am starting with 100USD

    Use my referral code and lets start a team together! I will share what I know and help you through the process.

    Here is another video that I found to be useful.

    REGAL COIN has a very unique referral system but also very much like Bitconnect..
    I am offering you half of the 7% referral reward back from your initial deposit in BURST
    For example:
    Invest 100USD (minimum) I receive 7USD and I will pay you in BURST 3.50USD worth ( please note price of burst at time of purchase)

    Referral explanation is in this last video

    This platform is just out of ICO and Internal exchange is still in development.. YOU MUST buy your REGAL COIN on a third party in these beginning times..
    It can be found on
    Regal is accepting Bitcoin and you can move it about but you cannot exchange for REGAL as of yet within the site.

    MOST IMPORTANT INFO #2 but should be #1
    This is a high risk investment. Please do your research and only invest what you are willing to lose. This is not financial advice this is a high risk high yield investment opportunity. Please do not invest if you cannot afford to take the loss.

    I am Haitch Verified

    PS... I have to activate the referrals manually.. I am mostly available in the evening but will be notified by email and will do them as soon as I can .. please be patient.

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  • hahah funny story is i told @darindarin to screw Regal Coin! lol

    I was getting so pissed i couldn't buy the ICO ... Glad i looked it over and got back in

    this actually is a perfect time to get in the price tonight alone went up over $1 in like last 2 hours...

    i will be adding this to my asset as another way to diversify ...

    99 days on getting your investment back is awesome!

    and can't wait to add the coin to our staking as well

    actually tho it is a pain in the arse to have to buy on exchange... that is one thing ppl complained about with Bitconnect... worried they would lose their coin to the interna Bitconnect exchange

  • @falconCoin I think it was nigh on impossible to get in on the ICO, not that I tried.

    I was going to post that I would strongly advise against Regal Coin as it's a pure Bitconnect copy and lacks the first mover advantage. But hey I would have said that about Bitconnect so what do I know.


  • @RichBC i feel like they took what they didnt like about bitconnect and improved on it.. i do agree first market mover advantage is lost. Staking this coin will be great though .. being so early the 12 dollar REC could be 120 dollars within a couple months... look forward to your in depth analysis one day.

  • If Bitconnect happens to be the real deal then all the others would be scams. I would rethink this one.

    Just wait in 6 months we will have 50 lending platforms.
    bitconnect - so far proven itself.

  • if they were going to scam ppl they would have taken the millions they made on the ico....

    its thinking like that that cost ppl to lose millions by not investing into bitcoin a few years back

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Burstde

    and that is in no way meant to take harsh ok, sorry if it did i am just pointing out that a lot of ppl have lost out on a LOT of money by fear

    scared money makes no money i heard somewhere b4

    it's $100 to get in, a night out for 2 ppl... ONLY invest in what you can lose is ALWAYS the best policy

    but yeah that coin has already made ppl a TON of money in 1 week

  • I put 125.00 in Regal and I pulled 200.00 out yesterday and still have about 1400 left a current price. Wish I would of put more in guess I will have to wait until mining opens up

  • @gersey keep us updated how it goes for you

  • @falconCoin next is hextracoin 🙂 if I can get any

  • @gersey i started staking regal tonight

    i got in pretty quick so i am pumped! difficulty is prob low now

    the staking wallet is up here:

    In case you dont have it yet

  • @falconCoin Where can you buy Coins / which Exchange would you recommend?


  • @falconCoin I dont really understand staking does it lock up your coins for a period of time?

  • @RichBC

    right now this is only now but nova exchange is next up, they will be on 3 with a few weeks

    im going to add it as a hedge with my asset both the lending and the staking

  • @gersey said in NEW Investment Opportunity REGAL COIN (BITCONNECT2.0) GET IN EARLY!!! Lets Build A Team! 50% BURST BONUS Of Referral Reward PAID BACK!!!:

    @falconCoin I dont really understand staking does it lock up your coins for a period of time?

    yes it does... @RichBC did some studies on the inner workings of it and can explain better than me

  • @falconCoin I am working up some thoughts on how to get the best from Staking, Bitconnect, by the looks of things the RC Wallet is identical so should apply.

    I have sent Support at BC a question on the interest Rate, they are ignoring it for the moment. Will be very interesting to see what make of the RC interest rate.

    I think I will just stake have more than enough riding on BC Lending.


  • @RichBC

    yeah the staking is the way to go till they been around a bit, they are working hard to get updated though...

    your $$ is NOT tied up and you know you can get it to an exchange and sell off if their is a huge dump... just set yourself up a alert on that exchange to message if it gets lower than your comfort level

    i can tell ya one thing the coin travels FAST i sent to my wallet from the site and barely hit entered and wallet already alerted me it was there

  • @falconCoin OK I am about setup for staking. I assume it's 15 Days to mature, do you know what the Staking % is and how it reduces over the Months?