Need Beer. Send Burst. BURST-9V9K-W8T9-VYGR-GX4U7

  • Hi all, thought I'd post a light hearted topic and pass the old hat around for an ice cold beer. In return I will post a review of the beer, talk about burst and thank the donor(s) of course.

    Currently sipping on a Campfire Stout from High Water Brewing. Not a bad brew at all. Taste like a smore with light carbonation. Not bad.

    Here's the YouTube handle I'll be posting the reviews to if you're interested in hooking it up.


    Thank you,


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    @cryptojam Don't know if I'm doing salsa this year, was planning on sauces - but might do you a one off jar of salsa for you. Can send you a Spotted Cow though - best beer on the planet, and only available in WI 😃

  • @haitch I'd be honored my friend. Wouldn't mind sauce if that's what your making this year. Be glad to pay you and post a review. 🙂

    That beer sounds awesome too! Be glad to send ya one of my favs in return.

    PM Sent!

  • Today about 250 coins will get me a 24oz of Old English. 750 Burst will get me something pretty crafty at Bevmo. I'll post a video about the beer, how to was bought with Burst and thank the donor. Hoping to do something like this once a week and keep the videos rolling in.

    Here's a link to a calculator.

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  • Happy Friday!


  • Received a beer from Haitch along with some Hot Sauce. What a cool dude! 2nd year in a row with a smooth and honest transaction with burstcoin.

    This would be my second year purchasing sauce/salsa made from his famous chilies. Wanted to say thank in the public light!

    The beer is very nice looking. I received it in can form which is perfect for shipping. I have yet to open it because i want to make a video review/thank you of the beer and talk about burst a bit so it's still sitting in the fridge until i;m ready to do so.

    Thanks again to Haitch!

    Wanted to change things up a bit and see if anyone has any suggestions of beer I should buy to review since most folks seem to want to hang on to their Burst. I would also like to offer payment for a beer shipped to me in equal value of burst if someone wishes to do so. I will review the beer, talk about burst and thank the person for their time and effort. 🙂

    Video of the Spotted Cow beer coming soon!

    Thank you,


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    @cryptojam Forget the beer video - want to see you trying the sauce ..... 😃

  • @haitch Consider it done. 😉

  • Hi Haitch and all my other Burstcoin friends! Just made a video and it's uploading now. It's called "Send Burstcoin. Need Beer. Season 1 Episode 1"

    Hope you enjoy it. I'll be posting the video in the next few minutes here. Just finishing the upload and writing the description. Hope you like it. 🙂

  • That was great cryptojam, weird but just felt like we hanging out. Innis & gun is a great treat.

    Doesnt make sense to send you one, since you can probably pick one up anywhere, but still check it out if you havent already

    Cheers! Nice work

  • @jaxblack Appreciate the recommendation. I'll leave the offer on the table if anybody feels like shipping me one. Folks can send a beer, buy a beer with Burst or simply recommend one 🙂 Really appreciate you all!

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    @cryptojam Great video - glad you enjoyed the beer !!

  • New Episode coming out in about 15 minutes. Uploading to Youtube now.

    Thank you,


  • New Episode! Need Beer. Send Burstcoin! Season 1 Episode 2

  • 0_1514018196351_i-suddenly-realized-i-need-a-beer.jpg


  • And another Episode! Had to break this up in two parts as it seems Youtube has done away with the merging video feature in Creator Studio. I will get a hold of some professional editing software and attack this issue head on for the next Episode.

    Here are the links for Need Beer. Send Burstcoin. Season 1. Episode 3.

    Link to part 1:

    Link to part 2:

    Hope you like it! Enjoy!

    Thank you,