I Am having problems Changing Award Assignments

  • Hey Guys

    Is there a bug with changing assignments?
    I cannot get the assinment change to work from:

    BURST miner, v1.160705_AVX
    Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
    CPU support: AES SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.2 AVX
    AuthenticAMD AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor [8 cores]
    RAM: 16384 Mb
    Pool address pool.burstcoin.eu (ip
    Updater address pool.burstcoin.eu (ip
    Using plots:
    J:\Burst\plots files: 1 size: 148 Gb
    H:\Burst\plots files: 1 size: 288 Gb
    D:\Burst\plots files: 1 size: 1505 Gb
    TOTAL: 1942 Gb

    04:12:37 New block 254169, baseTarget 2037311, netDiff 8994 Tb
    04:12:39 [12468162015994596526] found DL: 1156304
    04:12:39 [12468162015994596526] sent DL: 1156304 13d 09:11:44
    04:12:40 [12468162015994596526] confirmed DL: 1156304 13d 09:11:44
    04:12:40 [ 8276925159797474477] found DL: 3568959
    04:12:40 Thread "H:\Burst\plots" @ 2.5 sec (28.7 MB/s) CPU 39.84%
    04:12:40 [ 8276925159797474477] sent DL: 3568959 41d 07:22:39
    [ERROR 1004] Your Burst account's reward recipient (GHTV-7ZP3-DY4B-FPBFA) does n
    ot match pool's account (7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY)
    You need change reward assignment and wait 4 blocks (~16 minutes)
    04:12:41 Thread "J:\Burst\plots" @ 3.3 sec (11.3 MB/s) CPU 15.79%
    04:12:48 Thread "D:\Burst\plots" @ 10.7 sec (35.1 MB/s) CPU 48.06%
    I switched it like 4 times now and will go awhile then go back to Germany.
    Kinda sucks because I was mining over on Germany Pool for 2 days and then started telling me assignment was wrong. Strange thing is I got paid both days then 3rd day the message came up. Kinda concerns me.
    Should we use this page instead of within the AIO under the miner to change assignments? https://wallet.burst-team.us:8128/burst
    Thanks for your time.


  • admin

    @LostBoy use: https://wallet.burst-team.us:8125/rewardassignment.html - ignore first two fields, passphrase in third, pool address in fourth - submit. Should get 6-7 lines of code back, thats the confirmation. Wait 4 blocks, good to go.

  • @haitch p
    Thanks Thought so. Already had it up wanted to confirm:) /Wave /Cheers

  • admin

    @LostBoy - You're mining on two different addresses, that's why you're getting it.

    04:12:40 [12468162015994596526] confirmed DL: 1156304 13d 09:11:44 - Address 1
    04:12:40 [ 8276925159797474477] found DL: 3568959 - Address 2

    figure out which one is correct and delete the other(s)

  • @haitch
    Yea it is my portable USB drive but I could of sworn I plotted it for this address. Humm..Ok ill disconnect it. ~Thanks