Mining on single machine vs multiple machines

  • Hi,
    I have several internal drives of different capacity and a network storage I can use. I can choose between mounting all this onto one machine (HP z800 has plenty of SATA/SAS ports), or distributing the drives between multiple machines. Which option is more efficient for mining (of course all plots on the drives do not overlap)?
    Is there any drawback for the pool if several machines are mining on the same account?

  • @CryptoStream , some pools penalize for "spam" DL submissions, which could occur with multiple machines, unless you use the Blago miner and proxy one machine to accept the others and have one machine submit to the pool for all.

    I would think if your only purpose for each machine is to mine it would use more electricity than a single machine.

    Multi machines add diversity if one machine goes down the others are still mining. However with proxy discussed above, if the proxy machine goes down you loose all the machines, so in this case the diversity is lost. But if you have say 5 machines, there is only a 20% chance you lose the proxy machine.

  • @rds And in case of proxy setup, proxy reports to the pool total capacity of plots including those of reporting machines, right?
    I will probably try setting up proxy on the machine which has backed power.

  • @CryptoStream, that is correct, but whether you report size correctly to the pool or not has no bearing on your earning power. All my machines are UPS, but I use my server for the proxy machine, it is the most reliable and the fastest.

    If you don't know how to setup the proxy here are some tips, if you do ignore:

    Proxy machine:

    point this machine to the pool like any other miner. Set proxy to "true" and pick an unused port, say 8127".

    Other machines:

    Set your machine "server", "updater", and "info" to point to your proxy machine. If you're on the same network, it would be something like (find out what your proxy machine's local address is) port 8127

    Done, enjoy.