Original Burst Wallet Disconnected From My Pass Code!

  • When attempting to log onto my FIRST WALLET I created yesterday, It was REAL SLOW IN BOOTING UP after I entered in my twelve passwords. The wallet finally opened up and gave me some type of red message stating something about multiple login in attempts and being on a "fork"?

    Then when my session ended and I entered in the SAME PASS PHRASE, the system gave me A NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER FROM THE SAME ORIGINAL PASSPHRASE and now FREE BURST COIN FROM THE FAUCET is going into the FIRST ACCOUNT and I do not have ACCESS TO IT!

    Somebody HELLLLP!!!! I haven't even got started yet because of this!

  • admin

    @TheX11One Try your passphrase at : http://wallet.burst-team.us and see which account it references, if it's the second account, you have an error in your passphrase, most commonly it's an extra space character at the beginning or end of the passphrase.

  • @haitch
    Thank you for your response haitch!

    My next step will be to attempt to reconnect with my ORIGINAL account with these same passphrase. I will first try to enter in the same phrase that opens the SECOND account WITHOUT spaces.

    If this does not work what is your advice for this error as it is accepting free burst coin from the faucet, which does not accept the other accounts I created.

    Thanks for the help on this in advance!