Transfered OgBurst assests to BTFG pool by mistake

  • Re: [ANN] BTFG Pool Asset

    Hi Ann Can you help me please, im feeling rather stupid doing this but I transfrered 7137 OGBusrts assets to your BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX wallet by mistake yesderday from Misterburst. you can see it in the assets on you burst wallet. can you be so kind as to froward it to ,e pleeease I would be so very gratefull. you can verify my purchase by contacting misterburst at BURST-GC5N-HHD8-F5LD-BJFN3
    Asset Id: 17151315391910725658
    OGburst. My address is BURST-BQD2-AZL5-VVHN-EFYM6
    you have every right to keep it i know but im appealing to you to help me .its my first purchase i will be very care full next time lesson learnt

  • Hi I don't know if they can help - but here is the link to their discord chat - I understand the admin is very active there... Good luck!



  • I did that once. sent it to crowetics pool at the time 2 years ago and He acknowledged 3,000 burst was sent to his pool but never reversed it. That's when I knew who too trust. Keep at it if all else fails we will bombard the person until they reverse it for you.

  • The guys running the BTFG pool I consider to be honest guys. They are Aussies afaik.

    Bet admin will return you wrongly sent Transaction as soon as he knows about it, just as proposed above try to contact him on his Discord channel or via their pool Website, they are not "that" active anymore here on the phorum afaik.

  • @Marc oh yeah I would vouch for him too.