Lost Wallet

  • What happened to the wallets? I opened mine today and it said welcome to your new burst account and the account name and balance was empty. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • @jqc21 My first guess is: You mistyped your passphrase or did a copy/paste with a trailing whitespace.
    Second guess: your Wallet is not yet (re-)synchronized beyond the point of first account usage - unlikely unless you reinstalled or threw away the burst_db folder.

  • @vaxman Thats what I was thinking.

  • I copied and pasted but, when I tried to just type it in I get the same thing.

  • @jqc21 The first thing I would do is save this new wallet with your typed in password as you know it works.
    second trying 3 different seriousness with add a white space before , after and at both ends of your complete phrase..

  • @Burstde It's the same pass phrase with this new one as the original one.

  • okay below is an example first is the 12 word passcode say yours. then you tried spaces, did you correct spelling errors?
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    space 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 space
    space 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 space

  • Have you tried the online wallet to check the account

  • Check an online wallet. Because if there are not even past transactions shoving up your either not having a synchronised DB file or you did log in to a new wallet simillar to yours. Once i was tired and i have used my wallet addres instead of the pass fraze..... Then i was panicking that i was hacked.... So just make sure you use the right pass fraze. And if you have saved your pasfraze on diferent places try to copy from a different place . You could have changed it by an accident.

  • I checked the online wallet and it's same thing. I did have transactions and a name set with a balance but, it's all gone now.

  • @jqc21 it is all about your passphrase. There is no local storage, everything is on the chain. So you most likely messed up your copy of the passphrase. Keep trying different input schemata, leading/trailing spaces etc.

    And my tip: Avoid online wallets - are you sure you can trust the operator to run unmodified code ?

  • @jqc21 said in Lost Wallet:

    I checked the online wallet and it's same thing. I did have transactions and a name set with a balance but, it's all gone now.

    whats your burst address?

  • @jqc21 Did you use the automaticly generaated pasfraze ? If yes check how many words it contains.I think its always 12 words but i may be wrong alltought if you have less, you probably deleted some. If you have all of them, check if there is a space betveen each of them. If its ok, try to make shure there is no space in front of the first word and behind the last one.If it still doesnt work try to check if the last word is complete. You could delete some letters or a single one. And yes donot use online walets . And if you have to try to use the one haitch runs as hes the only person i think you can believe but its your decission... In theory online walets could be used up to steal what you have. Copy in your walets addres and we check if the funds are complette on your account.

  • This is the address that it was. BURST-TSTN-4KG9-2QZQ-3N5W7

  • @jqc21 said in Lost Wallet:


    has a balance of 104 Burst, last transactions (timezone may differ from yours):

    8/09/2017 02:38:31 Ordinary Payment 101 1 BURST-R8SQ-TUEM-DTHQ-7ATA3
    15/09/2017 22:19:34 Ordinary Payment 2 1 BURST-HB8A-NHA3-RRUT-DVM8F
    15/09/2017 19:53:03 Account Info 0 1 /
    15/09/2017 19:33:41 Ordinary Payment 1 1 BURST-QN8U-J4ST-RVTC-DSEQB
    15/09/2017 19:29:47 Ordinary Payment 1 1 BURST-ENPB-KM83-BZP7-7DM6Y

  • yeah, that's it. Could it be recovered?

  • @jqc21 said in Lost Wallet:

    yeah, that's it. Could it be recovered?

    I think there is a misunderstanding.
    No account or fund gets lost, as there is no (local) data. Your passphrase is the key to access these funds on ANY wallet (wallet meaning the burst client).

    Only you can recover/remember/reconstruct your own passphrase, as you are the one who constructed it. There's been lots of hints on how to vary the actual typing (or input schema, read: keyboard language settings).

    Seriously: What are you asking for -?-

  • I had copied and pasted it at first so I have it saved. I used to paste it into the wallet until this one time it now gave me a new address. I've typed it with same result. When I switch to local wallet it says cannot connect to server.

  • @jqc21

    "cannot connect to server" is quite simple;

    1. wallet not started or not yet ready
    2. firewall settings
    3. URL correct ?

    "it now gave me a new address" is, excuse me being brash, nonsense. Then the passphrase is a different one from what you entered in September.

  • I've solved the problem. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be this way or not but, I included this "Burstcoin wallet Passphrase" along with the phrases itself. Before when I got the new address I just included the phrases. I don't remember if that was part of the original passphrase or not. I might have included the "Burstcoin wallet Passphrase" when I saved it and just copied everything.