[ANN] RichBC Bitconnect Protected Asset.

  • RichBC Bitconnect Protected Asset. $5010 Bitconnect Loan with potential for 90% Shareholder Gain with only 10% of Investment at Risk.

    Asset Name: RichBC Bitconnect Protected Asset
    Asset ID: 16760211248617186525
    BurstCoin Wallet ID: BURST-RBCA-M66N-T9TZ-6LU6Z
    Assets: 10,000
    Assets To be released: 10,000
    Share Price: 100
    Early Exchange Sales: 13/10/2017
    Asset Pre-Release Date: 16/10/2017
    Asset Release Date: 18/10/2017

    Phase 0 - Release Asset - Take out Loan

    Asset Issuer makes a Bitconnect Loan of $5010. This is Asset.
    The Asset Issuers Associates will retain most of the Referral Bonus.

    Asset is issued 10,000 Shares @ 100 Burst (All Shares will be sold at this price)

    Phase 1 - Sell the Shares - Ideally we need 100% take-up & 50 - 100+ Investors.

    There is an Early Exchange Sales with Shares placed to match Orders followed by two Pre-Sales of Shares (Details to follow) Any remaining Shares will then be released on the Asset Exchange. All Burst raised will be kept in the Asset Wallet and not taken to an Exchange.

    Phase 2 - Get your money back - Asset Issuer keeps fingers crossed.

    All Bitconnect Daily Loan payments will be withdrawn, no reinvestment, and returned to the Asset Issuer.

    Week beginning October 23rd - Dividend Payments start. The objective here is to return Shareholders Investment ASAP. Dividends will be paid from the Asset Wallet as an equal Percentage to the Percentage of the $5010 Loan that has been paid in Interest Payments. So approximately 7% ROI / Week.

    The first Dividend Payment is likely as much as1/5 of Shareholders investment. (Hopefully the prospect of this will get the Shares sold. If not I will buy them 🙂

    Dividends will be paid Weekly from the Burst in the Asset Wallet, this will continue until the Wallet is empty, at which point the original Shareholders will have 100% of their Burst returned. If all goes well Shareholders should ROI in 100 Days..

    In addition during Phase 2 the Asset will if necessary place Buy orders for the Asset at 80 - 90 Burst to provide liquidity for any one that gets cold feet or needs the Burst and wants to exit, however this might not be necessary as the Shares should trade at a premium to the issue price.. These Shares will be resold at a profit or Burnt.

    If Bitconnect goes Belly Up during Phase 1 or 2, when it is completely clear that is the case I will take the (Remaining Burst in the Wallet - 10%) Divided by the Number of Shares in Circulation and put up a Buy order for that amount.

    This passes to the Shareholders a small share in the Risk but Guarantees 90 Burst for every 100 Burst Invested. (As Phase 2 progresses this will increase up to the full 100 Burst)

    Asset is closed. Asset Issuer takes the loss and people can say I Told you so, but Shareholders only loose up to 10%.

    Phase 3 - Dividend Sharing - Let's make some Money.

    At this point, at approx 100 Days in, the original Shareholders and will have made ROI and we can start making some profit.

    Weekly Dividends continue but now 50% is taken by the Asset Issuer and 50% is converted to Burst at the prevailing Exchange Rate and distributed to Shareholders.

    The Dividend from Bitconnect is in $ this is then converted to BCC at a rate determined by Bitconnect as part of the Withdrawal Process. I will then withdraw the BCC to an exchange and convert to BTC and then to Burst.

    I do not propose to share the full details of all these conversions as I may choose to withdraw from Bitconnect each Day or at the end of the Week and do the other conversions as I see fit depending on how busy I am etc. However the Weekly Dividend Dollar amount & the Burst amount will be given.

    To simplify these transactions for the purpose of the Dividend payments the conversion Rate From the $ Interest to Burst Dividend will be the closing price on the previous Day as recorded by https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/burst/historical-data/

    This should continue for approx 79 Days and if all goes well will give Shareholders a 40% profit.

    If during this Phase Bitconnect fails then there are no further payments to Shareholders and the Asset will be closed.

    Asset Issuer breaths a sigh of relief that nobody has lost Money.

    Phase 4 - Final Bonus Payment - The Big Finish.

    If we get to 179 Days then the original Bitconnect Loan is returned and again 50% is taken by the Asset Issuer and 50% converted to Burst and paid as a final Dividend to Shareholders. This should provide an Additional 50% return and close to a doubling of Shareholders Investment.

    If and when the end approaches it will be very interesting to see what the Share price does and the trading opportunities that people take. 🙂

    Asset is then closed and everyone walks away with a small but nice profit wishing they had bet the Farm on Bitconnect. If this goes well I will consider an option for people to roll the Final Bonus into another Asset, but let's wait and see?


    This Asset will make no Sales of Burst on the Exchange, and will purchase Burst with BTC for Dividend payments, so should only be price positive.

    The Days in each Phase are based around the 1% Daily Interest from the Bitconnect Loan. If Rates are lower than this then Phase 2 will take longer and the profit in stage 3 will be lower.

    Conversely if the Average Daily Interest is greater than 1% then Stage 2 (ROI) will happen more quickly and the longer Phase 3 will produce a greater profit.

    The gain percentages quoted are indicative but are also highly influenced by the relative Exchange rates of the Dollar, BCC, BTC and Burst.

    This is a real Asset, not a CrowdFund, and is my contribution to the Burst Community and the Asset Exchange, risking some of my profits made Trading Burst Assets and Trading Burst on the Exchanges.


    By Friday 13th October Announce Thread with Final Prospectus.
    Friday 13th October Early Exchange Sales,
    Monday 16th October 10:00 GMT 1st Pre-Sale Opens
    Monday 16th October 22:00 GMT 2nd Pre-Sale Opens (If 1st Pre-Sale sells out)
    Tuessday 17th October 10:00 GMT Remainder of Shares released on Asset Exchange.
    Monday 23rd October - First Dividend Payment.

    Pre-Sale Details

    Early Exchange Sales - See this post.


    Ahead of the Pre-Sales I will fill orders for up to 300 Shares (Increased from 100. If anyone wants to top up to 300 please go ahead)

    Sales to individuals and to Asset Accounts accepted.

    I would appreciate a post in this thread, if you have not already done so to help me keep track of who is buying?

    1st Pre-Sale Opens Monday 16th October 10:00 GMT

    Place a Buy Order on the Exchange for up to 300 Shares and I will fill it.

    Or if that is being abused in any way, then do the following.

    Send Burst in multiples of 100 Burst to the Asset Wallet up to a max of 30,000 Burst (300 Shares)
    Before sending check the Burst in the Asset Wallet is less than 400,000 Burst. Greater than that indicates that the 1st Pre-Sale is fully sold.

    2nd Pre-Sale Opens Monday 16th October 22:00 GMT

    Place a Buy Order on the Exchange for up to 300 Shares and I will fill it.

    Or if that is being abused in any way, then do the following.

    Send Burst in multiples of 100 Burst to the Asset Wallet up to a max of 30,000 Burst (300 Shares)
    Before sending check the Burst in the Asset Wallet is less than 800,000 Burst. Greater than that indicates that the Asset is Sold Out.

    I will give the lowest priority to any anonymous new Accounts opened in the last 48 Hours.

    Other than that the order that the Burst is received in will determine priority.

    General Sale Opens Tuesday 17th October 10:00 GMT

  • 0_1516052222821_Week15-Divs.jpg


    Loan was taken out at the end of September, so the first Dividend is 3 Weeks Interest. Total return is 22.1% of which I am paying 22% which is 176,000 Burst. The remaining 800 Burst will be used to cover the Dividend fees for the Asset. All future payments for Phase 2 will be the full amount shown.

    Daily Interest Average is the To Date average Daily Loan % which we hope to be 1% or better, in which case it will be between 14 & 15 Weeks to ROI.

    Risk remaining shows the shareholder exposure if Bitconnect fails.


  • Any limits on amount of shares an individual can purchase?

  • @scubafossil Yes there will be, plan on around 10,000 Burst Worth of Shares in the Pre -Release, but there may be more available if it does not sell out.

    I do not want to be doing this just for a couple of Whales to gobble it all up...

    Details will be posted in the next 48 Hours.


  • @RichBC i would like to reserve 50 shares xD that about the limit i can spend 🙂

  • I placed my buy order on the exchange because I'm not sure if I'll be busy or not during pre sale.

    Good luck sir and thank you for this opportunity to test the waters of BCC as a group. Only 10% risk upon Burst asset holder is extremely generous on your part. Appreciate it.


  • @Dillion OK Understood. I will fill orders placed on the exchange for up to 200 Shares (Increased from 100) if it is from someone who has posted in the Pre-Announce thread, this thread or if it is from a named account that I recognise and trust up to a Total of 2000 Shares.

    If anyone places a Buy for > 200 Shares I will stop being able to fill these orders and people will have to wait for the Pre-Sale.

    If anyone places Sell orders, ahead of the first Pre-Sale, for shares I will stop filling Orders.

    Am now planning on releasing the full 10,000 Shares in the 2 Pre-Sales.


  • @RichBC i will place a buy order for 100 shares.

  • @RichBC said in [ANN] RichBC Bitconnect Protected Asset.:


    @RichBC Buy order posted

  • @kmaxkmax said in [ANN] RichBC Bitconnect Protected Asset.:


    i also placed it for 440 shares

  • one more question. i see that 10k shares for 100 burst will give 1000 000 burst wich is about 6300$ todays price is it going all to bcc. or you will sell shares until you fill 5k of them?

  • @Brushek I cannot fill that order, or any further orders as this part of the sale is for a maximum of 100 Shares / Account. If you want 100 Shares now you will need to remove it and replace with an order for 100.

    I will sell up to 10,000 Shares, will make final decision when I see how the sale goes and what happens to the Burst price. I intend to stick with a $5010 Loan, as all of the Burst in the Wallet will be returned to Shareholders during Phase 2.
    The exact amount is not that important, and given the 10% Downside v 90% upside I think it is reasonable to value the Asset over the $5010 Loan Cost.

    No Burst will be taken from the Asset Wallet. I will use my own BCC to purchase the Asset.


  • admin

    @RichBC Order for 100 submitted.

  • @haitch All good, just need the order for 400 taken down, and we can continue with this Pre-Pre sale 🙂

    I am Also happy for people with their own Asset to buy for the Asset and their personal Account if they want.


  • will be buying Monday hopefully sooner

  • @RichBC Order for 100 submitted.

  • @RichBC so since burst doesnt seem to show going up anytime soon got some more and bought whole 100 xD now fingers crossed on bcc being good to us xD

  • Hi. Also placed an order for 50 shares. Thanks!

  • @LithStud All orders have now been fulfilled. I will continue with the sales so long as people stick by the rules, but leave a good amount of Shares for the Pre-Sales as listed.

    Yes we are now in the hands of Bitconnect although I am hopeful as BCC continues to outperform BTC despite it's meteoric rise. Can't quite work out why but I there are many things about Crypto that are a mystery to me....


  • @RichBC as long it crashes after we all got our burst back and then some it will be good 🙂 but again its as you said, crypto is mysterious world where even scam might become legit