Bitcoin 51% attack

  • Hey, I just had a question about Bitcoin and couldn't really find an answer. Now I know what a 51% attack is and that it would cost really much, but apparently something like that nearly happened. Not a real attack but a pool came dangerously near to the 51%. Now I thought that the person who owns the computer has to be in on the attack to commit to the 51%. Meaning I dont get what the problem is when a pool reaches 51%, since I thought that every single computer in the pool would have had to have corrupted software to contribute to an "attack". Or can the pool "owner" in the end decide what information gets sent to the network and therefore control it?I hope someone can clarify this for me.

  • @theoneandonely The Bitcoin pool tells the clients what to hash. So whoever controls the pool gets to decide what transactions are included in the block.

  • @FlippyCakes Oh alright thanks you! (: