OGburst Gadget and the load of crap it spews

  • Mr.Potato head leads his sheep to believe...

    Saturday, 7:50 pm
    Enjoy the Rain of freshly Mined BURSTCOINS!
    67,600 to be exact! ... Who was saying mining difficulty or electricity was an issue these days with BURST MINING? They say that because they can not afford to run a solid beast of a Mining Rig like I do. This is what greatness looks like.

    Now let's take a closer look as to what's going on.

    The most recent dividend was 0.2 coins per share. The asset pays out once a month.

    Now let's do some math.

    Current share price of about 10 coins per share.
    10/0.2=50 50/12=4.16 that is 4.16 years to get to 100% ROI. Just slightly a bit better than the average ETF or mutual fund but with 1k times more risk because your money will be at the mercy of a obese powder head. Plus you'll have to hope he doesn't stick his lil pinky in the wrong prostitute and catch a disease.

    Now let's take a look from the perspective of suckers who invested in this asset around March or April of this year when asset issuer was selling shares at 110 to 140 per share. For simplicity we'll use a cost of 120 coins per share.
    120/0.2=600 600/12=50 that is 50 years for a full ROi. Wow what a truly remarkable asset that has become for those early investors. You could blindfold yourself and almost certainly pick any stock , ETF or mutual fund and do way better than 50 years for 100% ROI.

    We should all be gracious that such a amazing asset is available on the Burst asset exchange.