Are my plot files corrupted or names not right?

  • I received a message that one of my plot file may be corrupted.
    I did not see progress on the pool I am on so I moved to a new pool.

    • I am not sure if my plot files are right.
    • I ran plot checker and they came back fine these are my plots.
      Just by looking at the starting numbers and nonces does something look wrong?

    For the sake of identifying which drive is which I put the drive letter here as well.
    "---" in the ID number area, is just me masking my numeric ID some.

    used xplotter_avx.exe - 964 gb E:\Burst\plots = 47751612-----836628_500000001_3766464_3766464
    bytes = 987,355,938,816 bytes

    used wplotgenerator.exe - 528 gb F:\Burst\plots = 47751612-----836628_600000001_2064440_20440
    bytes = 541,180,559,360 bytes

    used xplotter_avx.exe - 146 gb G:\Burst\plots = 47751612-----836628_700000001_573776_573776
    bytes = 150,411,935,744 bytes

    Could be me but something is telling me that the plot file name for F: is not right.

  • @Digidigm looks good to me but i see why you are questioning.. not the biggest plot .. if you dont get an answer from someone more knowledgeable consider deleting plot and starting again .. but please wait for others first.. i dislike plotting tremendously

  • if you need a pool the one in my signature link is good : )

  • @darindarin Thanks are they for small miners? I don't plan to stay small but I just want to see how this all works before I throw what I want at it.

  • @Digidigm its not a big pool but there are some decent sized miners in it so payouts for small miners are large... port 8080
    page: POOL

    check it out

  • @Digidigm sometimes wplotgenerator dont write last stagger in file, check the size, 2064440 nonces must be = 541180559360 bytes.
    also xplotter works bit faster.

  • @Blago Ok I posted the file sizes above in bytes and seems like your right. I will re-plot the "F" drive with xplotter and restart the miner with just "E" & "G"

    For anyone following this would you please share how you got that calculation ?
    I divided 541180559360 / 2064440 = 262144 but I don't see the relationship of 262144 anywhere.

  • id_500000001_3766464_3766464
    987355938816 / 262144 = 3766464 nonces (looks correct)
    3766464 * 4 /1024

    541180559360 / 262144 = 2064440 nonces (looks correct)

    150411935744 / 262144 = 573776 nonces (looks correct)

  • @Digidigm the relationship is:

    on nonce consists of 4,096 scoops, each scoop is a 64 Byte value.

    So, a file id_0_1_1 is 262,144 Bytes (256 KiB) long.

  • @vaxman said in Are my plot files corrupted or names not right?:

    @Digidigm the relationship is:

    on nonce consists of 4,096 scoops, each scoop is a 64 Byte value.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh hence the magic number of 262,144 = 4,096 * 64

    Now this I can work with !!!!

  • if you want more info about plotfiles you can have a look here

  • @Quibus Ok will be closing this topic with this comment.

    It seems to be that I was using an external 2.5" 1T Drive but for whatever reason was generating something like 3 second seek times when a new block came in. Of course in a rush to grab whatever storage I could get my hands on I used it but come to find out that it was simply not the right top of drive.

    I removed it from the list of drives and now not a single error of "Possibly corrupted plot files". In summary. Lesson learned, If you can;

    • Use good fast drives 7200 RPM is the best. SSD is not cost efficient if you have to pay for them yourself.
    • Organize you plot file start and end numbers
    • Get them online in an orderly fashion

    POOR GEAR or sloppy deployment will get you LITTLE COINS. !!!

    Lesson learned !!