Aurora Mining Promotion

  • 0_1508555021981_2499-profileavatar.png Hi Guys, I just tried this site called aurora mining. They are claiming that they are Bitcoin Cloud mining site. When ever you invest 6.97 - 40635 USD = you'll get 10% of your investment every day, and so on (check the screen shot).
    Investment method is only by bitcoin, the site convert your btc instantly after deposit.

    All mined BTC is withdrawable every day with minimum of 1.82 USD withdrawal, your withdrawlan is in BITCOIN and not in USD.


    They have a Referral program that will give you 6% of mining power for level 1, 3% mining power for level 2 and 1% mining power for level3. THEY claim that your investment is lifetime.


    That is scam the ROI is too high!
    Yes i think of that too but the website is running just 25 days as of today and i think it will collect more BTC before running.

    So why post it?
    Im not promising anything that they will not run, but just like i said the site is still paying(as of now for 25 days straight) so i thought it is better to take advantage of it.

    So i invested some btc on them. worth 17.79 usd (2017-10-16) and followed by 25.46 USD worth of bitcoin after my first withdrawal(2017-10-18), time on poloniex is different from my local time but here is the screen shot of deposit to aurora.

    0_1508555789925_2499-profileavatar.png 0_1508555800524_ate.png


    I just like to try if they will pay so here is my withdrawal screenshot(aurora site and polo)



    So with approx 43.25 worth of investment i already got 0.00295086 BTC (approx 17.91 USD) back after 4 withdrawals.
    As you can see my 2nd withdrawal did not go thru as i accidentally closed the browser and i send an email to them but did not got any reply, i thought it is just gone but if you will check my last withdrawal, i got 2x the volume of my last withdrawal which is bigger than my failed 2nd withdrawal (think im lucky lol Check polo screenshot.).

    So i will just keep on withdrawing everything everyday, with 10% daily it will just take 10 days to take back your investment(If they will still pay LOL) So invest only an amount that you can afford to loose.

    So here is the promotion. In every referral deposit i will get 6% of that mining power, so i will give 50% of that which is 3% of your investment back in burst(current rate). PM me or you can post here.

    I will update this thread in every withdrawal that i make or how much i can make until this site stop.

    Register using my referral link and let me know if you deposit something.


  • It says if I sign up now I will get 100 ghs free, do you know if i have to pay for that?

  • @tminer0315 No, that is free,

  • Just withdrawn another one and waiting it to arrive. Ill post the screenshot when i received it.

  • Just received it here is the screenshot of polo.


  • another withdraw from newly made account.


  • I registered and got the 100 free ghs with your referral

  • admin

    @progryu009gaijin 10% per day seems ridiculous, but so did Bitconnects 1% / day. So signed up under you for my free 100 Gh, and purchased an additional 31,468 Gh - we shall see ..............

    My referral link if anyone wants to use it:

  • @haitch I agree that it seems a bit too much to be true, but I signed up and tossed a small amount in just for fun. Used your ref haitch. here is mine if anyone wants.

  • admin

    @haitch Did a small withdrawal, came through with no issue.

  • thank you guys, ill check it as soon as possible and ill send you the burst, im on my way to work be right back

  • Thank you for the sign up, for those who sign up under me kindly post your username, hash power bought and burst coin address here so i know it is really you, @haitch i know yours no need to post.

    And i just found out, according to some review of this site, youll still earn eventhough you dont deposit, the problem comes when you withdraw, it will ask you to deposite before you can withdraw. I dont know how much and i dont know if this is true, i just read it on review.

  • @tminer0315 thank you, but i cant give you the bonus as you havent bought any hash power.

  • @haitch yeah, but the site is new so i thought might just try if it pays. Thank you

  • was just about to buy a little and just googled and went to the first site review
    the freshest comments are all saying it stops paying? no idea about this website either, it was just first up.

    Also one of the comments suggested they deleted there facebook page? i dont do facebook, so if anyone can check, that would be sweet.

  • I have been using this site for a week or two now. Yesterday was the first day that withdrawals would not work for me. Possibly some updating on their end or the site could be done. Not sure just proceed with caution.

  • @Jaxblack even before i start to put money on it i read a lot about i cant withdraw and all, but decided to put a little money on it, so far i dont have any problems. Even you dont have a facebook(cuz i dont have one too) you can read on their page, even before people are complaining that they cant withdraw but havent experience it...... so far lol, i even experienced to received 2x the same amount in 1 withdraw haha dont know how or why, maybe just luck

  • @lilkovs that is unfortunate, i withdrawn 2 account yesterday and i can withdraw. I will try again later after 2 hours and let you know how it goes

  • @progryu009gaijin It is alright I was just disappointed. I already made my money back and more so I am good. Hopefully it still works for you.