New Linux BurstMiner

  • Fresh install of Ubuntu 17.10 and ready to mine Burst!
    Let me know if you would like me to pay you back or pay it forward.

    Also someone please help with my plotter, Mirkic7

    • KEY - Where do I find that? Do I get one after my first transaction?

    • CORE - My CPU has SSE4, but not AVX2 so 1

    • DIRECTORY - /media/[user]/Burst000_001

    • STARTNONCE - my first plot so 0

    • NONCES - I want to use the entire disk so 0

    • STAGGERSIZE - also 0, I think; I don't understand this part.

    • THREADS - 8

    • ASYNC - I have 16GB RAM. Do I have enough to use this?

  • Sent u some, plz Forward it to whoever Needs them at his start. No Linux answers, sorry.

  • @haitch explain plz, idk how to explain either.

  • admin

    @HiDevin Ive never linux plotted, so can't really comment.

  • Thanks Blago. That link was helpful.
    The command for me was

    sudo ./plot -k [NumericAccountID] -x 1 -d /media/[user]/Burst000_001/ -s 0 -m 19251 -t 8 -a
    Async mode set.
    Using SSE2 core.
    Adjusting total nonces to 3734694 to match stagger size
    Creating plots for nonces 0 to 3734694 (979 GB) using 9624 MB memory and 8 threads
    3 Percent done. 10486 nonces/minute, 5:45 left

    The Numeric Account ID was in my wallet hidden under Account Balance, More Info. STAGGERSIZE (-m option) should be the amount of RAM you want used times 2048 ( if you use ASYNC -a option; 4096 if you don't ). Double check your available memory, because the BURST wallet takes a big chuck.

    I'll write up a more complete write up on Burst on Linux if this is successful.