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  • I can be contacted on Discord


    I will be busy developing my site and the next addition the asset, which will need a lot more time to work on. The distractions of some of the ppl on this forum is toxic.

    I came here excited about being involved, then stepping up trying to help get rid of scammers.

    I'm happy to see that so many have stepped up since then, but still some scammers are being allowed to run here and i'm tired of fighting with them.

    DEF not leaving BURST or my ASSET just working on something no one has ever done with BURST and need time away from any distractions...

    because of the launch of the Falcon Coin i also do not want my name associated with that so will be changing my username here as well to avoid confusion

  • Go play with your friends over at shit nation then, It's clear you spend a lot more time over there and lick their asses anyway.

  • Dude comon what are you doing? Unless you figure Falcon was specifically talking about you, and even if he was that was a crappy thing to say. It just gives everyone here a bad name.

  • With eyes and a half decent thought process it isn't hard to see people for who they really are, this goes for a few on here. Two faced and contradictory, only thing is, nobody has the balls to say anything or they're too blind to see.

    Also you telling me it's not OK for him to reply to certain peoples comments negatively all the time but not ok for me to simply state the truth ? I am not defending anyone but the constant flaming every time certain people posts is a joke.

    Peace 🙂

  • @falconCoin and @Darkbane would make excellent married couple

  • @Snoops really? haha you are clueless ..look at dvdrn or whatever his name was... all those negative comments for no reason? pretty sure he was the only one pointing these things out you should be thankful instead of a bitter prick about it.

    i am thankful for falcon whether he is right or wrong and to quote you "noone has the balls to say anything" except him sometimes. you don't have to like him but you cannot admit that if he didnt attack dvdrn he would still be here giving out shit dividends .... am i wrong?

  • @ZapbuzZ you would make a really good illegal software salesman... oh wait you already are one.. what will you be for halloween? a pirate? how fitting

  • you can say the stories mate I know the truth you can keep with the stories and shapeshifting I know in my heart I tried to help too its a pity. @darindarin in other words thankyou. I dress up as guy fawkes fool!

  • @ZapbuzZ the only stories are the posts you created and got called out on.. no wonder you dislike him.. its fine dude.. keep doing you ..

  • still playing with splotter @darindarin ? I see your not on the highest historical shares anymore.....

  • Seriously, the only thing I've been caught out on was legit software license transfer whilst saying OEM to sell it cheaply as a believable story. 3 people have spoken out to me and I have annoyed them about it. why? 1. They bought nothing from me. 2. They stick up for known extortionists of whom some have probably ban evaded. 3. two of them attacked a veteran amnesty thread. 1 of the 3 coughdarincough loves falconcoin cuz he got a block well whoopty do dah. I have tripped up the trolls and the extortionists. go back to bn.

  • @ZapbuzZ are you high? cause you would have to be telling me to go back to BN ... and that other stuff you typed .. please dont explain cause i really do not care.

  • well you are registered there @darindarin I know a few things about you. Perhaps you'd like to post some evidence guys seriously your a pack of old gossip women. You shouldn't hurt the aussie.

  • @ZapbuzZ well if you know im registered there you must be too.. why dont you tell us when my last post was since you are such a good detective

  • you don't post there. I did a few cuz burst mining club flocked off there but now I diss the nerds on its troll box for fun cuz I hate their hacking shyte. 600tb miners on pools? wtf???

  • @ZapbuzZ oh so you post there and i do not.. thanks for the detective work

  • you asked for it???

  • @ZapbuzZ so go back to a forum i dont post on and you do... smart. see what i did there?

  • admin

    FFS - Please stop this BS or some temp bans will be incoming. If you have a disagreement with someone here fine, but take it offline. All this public BS is p**sing me off.

  • didn't think my apologies I have constructive things to do.