Is there any international guarantee format for asset holders?

  • Hello everyone!
    I'm working on legalizing BURST asset exchange feature in Russia. Plus i'm planning to send such agreements via mail to our BurstBoost asset holders . For courts in our country it's pretty simple - using printed vouchers/agreements. But for international issues it's a question for me.

    However, what can be used internationally to make such agreements, which would be legal in local courts or at least give asset holders sufficient level of trust?

    In Cryptoworld one ICO is upcoming they will provide insurance for all types of deals, but it would take time, start is planned only on March 2018.

    In addition to promises, @haitch verification, photos, videos -
    what else can be used as such an international guarantee?

    P.S. escrow is not an option for a variety of reasons, on of them, you can make it only through a real bank, for international escrows + all agreements it will be very expensive.

  • @RedFury said in Is there any international guarantee format for asset holders?:

    agreements via mail to o

    I believe (don't quote me) that once Russia creates it's RubleCoin it will outlaw all other crypto in the country. May want to research that to be sure though.

  • @Halogen it wouldnt happen bro. Don't watch TV 🙂

    1. Crypto is a hype here, and a lot of politicians make stupid statements to make PR.
    2. ICO is very popular here in Russia, in Silican Valley they even call ICO - RuCIO 🙂
    3. Personally meet and heard on IBF from Internet advisor of the President - we are going green light with Crypto, the deputies are simply officials and looking forward for useful initiatives.
    4. We have Russian Blockchain Association and blah blah blah

    Signed agreement between two persons, you even don't need to mention word cryptocurrency in it. The question is, will it fit peoples worldwide.

  • @RedFury If what you're saying is that Government policy doeasn't have an effect on crypto, then just take a look at China.