Seagate external drives awesome warranty service

  • I bought 16-8TB Seagate Extension USB 3.0 drives and 10-5TB Seagate Backup Plus external USB 3.0 drives, used from someone who was getting out of Burst mining about 6 months ago. 3 months ago, 2 of the 5TB drives failed. I thought I was on the hook. I asked the seller about a receipt or something where I might try to get a replacement. He told me they were well within the 2 year warranty period but didn't have receipts. I went onto the Seagate site and entered the serial number of the drives. The site reported the drives were under warranty for another 15 months and did I want to put in a claim. I did and I had to pay for shipping to the repair facility, they sent me two refurbished drives. Last week I had to do the same thing, 2-5TB failed. Same no issue return, the new ones will be here tomorrow UPS delivery.
    Granted, 40% failure rate is not good, but the no hassle replacement is great.

    The 16-8TBs are all humming along fine and I have another 22 that I bought myself that have had no issues.

    It's possible the 5TB backup plus line is flawed.

    Anyway, just a report of hassle free warranty service from Seagate.

    BTW, I am a customer only of Seagate. I don't own stock (are they a public company??) or work for them etc.

  • @rds my seagate drive died also a month ago, it was already sent in for repairs once and I didnt' wanna spend $40 shipping again so I gave it to my newphew. not sure if seagate is a drive that can handle burstcoin 24/7

  • @kevmachine , my shipping for 2 drives was ~$22. I think they can. I think the 8TB extensions, which are the cheapest on amazon are more robust than the backup plus drives. I don't like them. They are blue and the led does not flash when active. I don't think they are manufactured anymore. Amazon shows an all black version now. I have had zero issues with the 8TB drives, I have 38 of the Extension 8TB drives, all running good.

  • Too bad that your failure rate is so high, but glad to hear that Seagate is at least standing behind their warranty without making you jump through hoops.

    I've got a few 8TB Seagates that I'm sure will require interacting with their warranty dept. at some point..