HEXABOT Trading Bot 2% + Daily Returns

  • I am having a little play with Hexabot. Offers 3 styles of Trading with different timescales and returns.


    I have made a deposit and am trying the scalping as it offers the quickest way to test things out. Your balance is updated every hour and so far the I have been seeing 0.09% an Hour which equates to the 2% Daily rate.

    Minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC and minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC with a fee of 0.0001 BTC / withdrawal. You can choose to automatically reinvest up to 75% of earnings.

    I will let things run for 24 Hours and then test the withdrawal side of things.

    Hexabot claims to be run by Peter Shepherd with the Company name Hexabot Crypto Trading LTD.

    Here is the Company information.

    Hexabot Crypto Trading Ltd is a private limited company that can be found at 93 Wigmore St, London W1U 1HJ. This less than 1 month-old company, incorporated on 2017-10-02 is run by 1 director and 1 secretary.
    Director Peter Shepherd is a 35-year-old British national, appointed on 02 October 2017.
    Switching the focus to secretaries, we can mention: Peter Shepherd from London, appointed on 02 October 2017.
    The company is officially classified as "activities of investment trusts" (SIC code: 64301).

    So the Company is less than a Month old, but at least it exists. 🙂

    So if it is legit, not a scam and continues to run, with it's 2% + Daily Returns it actually is a better, easier and more liquid investment that Bitconnect. 🙂

    There is an Affiliate scheme Which pays 5%.

    I will continue to explore it and report back.


  • @RichBC I threw 0.02 BTC in under your referral to test it out. Feel free to invest the bonus in HlogenV1 😉

  • I threw in the bare minimum for this. All of these "companies" are listed in the uk, bitincome.io was another one listed there as well and tha gone. Im thinking its easier in the uk to become a scam site than it is in the US.

    I'd hope for the best but prep for the worst..

  • @Halogen Thanks, quite heavily into Halogen already.... As ever it looks too good to be true, but the site is well presented and works well. There is an active Chat box and Peter seems to be on hand and freely answering questions. I will ask a couple of deeper questions than what is typically going through and see what response we get?

    @cpass78 Yes it does seem quite common for people to register in the UK. I know 95 Wigmore Street as a number of pension Funds are based there, 93 will just be an accommodation address used by many Companies with no physical presence.


  • @RichBC Well if it is a scam I hope they stay around long enough to let us profit and get out...

  • @Halogen I saw a video earlier and the guy was saying that they ran the bot privately for a year before releasing it as hexabot. Truth or fiction I don't know.

  • @Halogen I am going for 100% withdrawal, so would take about 50 Days to be able to get your Deposit amount back, leaving the Deposit there to earn more.

    You can also withdraw the Deposit at any time with a 7% hit.

    So if you Deposit 0.02 BTC you would need to keep it there for 4 Days to Break even as you would earn 4 x 0.0004 = 0.0016 BTC but would need to deduct Withdrawal costs of 7% x 0.02 BTC = 0.0014 + 0.0001 = 0.0015 BTC

    Each Day after that would earn you 0.0004.


  • @RichBC I put my deposit (about $120) into swing trades at at 22-24% per week so I'd be looking at about 5weeks for 100% profit(42 days).

    I also set my reinvestment to 75% as high as it would go.

  • @Halogen I was too impatient for that 🙂 Scalping gives you an Hourly calculation which is nice to see, you can also choose to compound it which would give over 2%.

    If only making money was as easy as this makes it look..... Things like this always beg the question. If it actually works why share it?


  • @RichBC Because they can skim anything above the listed % and use that to generate more profit for themselves silly goose!

  • @Halogen If for the next 12 Months they can make more than 2% a Day they are very welcome to skim from my share:-)


  • @RichBC Exactly. I assuming Bitconnect skims as well, plus they make mad commission on their exchange.

  • @Halogen I think there are so many ways that Bitconnect can make money, that I am actually beginning to believe in it.

  • @RichBC Ya I agree. I thought about all the ways they can bring in profit besides a trade bot and came to the conclusion that it is at least feasible that they are legit so I took the plunge on it for the Asset.

  • @RichBC Keep us posted on if you are receiving payouts for this.

  • You guys never learn. 😞

  • @Halogen I am going to try withdrawing interest Tomorrow, and then in a few Days I am going to withdraw the Deposit. If all goes well I will then return the Deposit. 😉


    '@rds I learnt many Years ago, this is just a bit of fun, bit like a video game.

  • @RichBC Lol wait I thought he said "you guys never earn" then I went to be sure and I've collected $657 since last Friday from Bitconnect.

  • @RichBC I think I will do the same after a Week since I will be at min. 22% profit anyway. Then redeposit if it all works.

  • fun with money haha, but I don't like even losing pennies to this. btw if the company is registered in the UK, doesn't it only cost 16$ to get registered as a LLC and it will take like 24 hours to register the company?