HEXABOT Trading Bot 2% + Daily Returns

  • @RichBC Nope, valid questions. I said in chat as well that for it to be sustainable you have to limit investment. As you increase the pool of BTC you are trading with you will get less % on returns. Common sense. He does say however that "Please note: it is almost impossible to predict tomorrow's revenue, it may differ from specified above percentage".

    I can see the average guy not registering that though and only seeing the advertised numbers. I better not step on any toes before I get my BTC out lol.

  • @Halogen I actually liked the program and in particular that you could ask questions and get some answers albeit that sometimes you were told we do not give out that information.

    However.... I still have my original concern which is.

    Put in 10 BTC 100% Compounding and you have your first Million Pounds in 16 Weeks. 10 Million in 26 Weeks and in 52 Weeks you have 2 Billion.

    If you have a system as good as this why share it, except for Family and a few Friends?


  • @RichBC Totally agree. It's conceivable to get between 3-4% a day trading if you know what you are doing, but you cannot sustain that realistically day after day. And as the BTC you are trading with gets larger you approach diminishing returns as you saturate the markets you are trading on. I don't think he has accounted for this.

    I'm gonna keep my head down for now. I can imitate a drone with the best of em.

  • For those wanting to play with the numbers for a bit:
    my Hexbot Tracking Spreadsheet & Profit Calculator

    Only thing I'm going to say is, plan your exit strategy!
    @RichBC 's wasn't really the smoothest one 😉 (SORRY! just had to..)

  • Is there a minimum investment to start doing this?

    Can you withdraw the 0.0001 bonus and only earn without investing any of my actual money?

  • @tminer0315 yes, you have to invest 0.005Btc minimum. Minimum withdraw is 0.001Btc

  • Now that I know @RichBC got his deposit back I'm less nervous.

  • @Halogen If you just look at Depositing, Withdrawing both the Interest and Capital, the Advertised returns v the Actual returns and the overall impression given by Peter Shepherd I can find no fault.

    The delayed withdrawal was nothing to do with them other than they set way too low a fee for when times are busy. They should simply fix this by allowing you to choose the fee, deducted from your withdrawal.

    I just wish they had given an honest answer to my reasonable question and simple bit of maths, rather then a non negotiable here is your Money back. If they had done that I would have put in more money and with the usual cautions be advising people to have a dabble.

    It has however raised a Red Flag for me but I would still say give it a go but be cautious get your Deposit back ASAP (Which is about 4 Weeks) and then take it from there using their Money.


  • @RichBC Well, technically nothing's stopping you wink wink, except maybe it left a bad taste in your mouth which I wouldn't blame you one bit.

  • New Sheet. more better, more nicer!-)
    Hexabot Swing Tracking Spreadsheet & Profit Calculator

  • Well, just V3.1....
    Hexbot Tracking Spreadsheet & Profit Calculator V3.1
    Hexbot has been running really good so far!

  • i sent 25$ worth of Litecoin , Bitcoins fees are just too high . will try it with lite coin first

  • I ran the "Swing Trading" bot for 7 days and never got a payout. I emailed their support, and reactively withdrew my balance based on the responses I was getting. My deposit was only for a few hundred dollars to get a sense of the service.

  • @roscoe Would be interested in the responses they gave you?


  • @RichBC I was asked what I had compounding set at (50%), and told that the profits would be reflected in the "Actual Deposit Balance" (which doesn't make sense). Afterwhich, I sent a screenshot and a breakdown of my deposit, expected returns, etc. And was told that "it will be on the next calculation, let us if it happens again" (without any details of earnings).

    To be clear, I'm not suggesting anything nefarious. I'm just not comfortable with needing to spot check my payouts with an investment group. This was my trial run balance and did not inspire confidence to invest more.

  • @roscoe If compounding was set to 50% and you had been invested for the full Week before the Swing Payout, which is at about 18:00 each Monday.

    Then you should have received half of approx 23% into your Actual deposit and half into the Withdrawable balance.


  • @roscoe @RichBC Same thing happened to me, I had compounding a 100% though.

  • @tminer0315 With compounding set to 100% then the full 23% should have arrived in your Actual Deposit.

    Are you saying that you got nothing?


  • @RichBC we'll see if I still get the payout from the previous week after today. That said, support made no mention of the payout schedule. That would have been good information to have.

  • @roscoe Swing only pays out once a Week on Mondays around now, it says 19 Minutes to go.

    However you should get some sort of payout even if you only invested and selected Swing an hour before that time. Payout is pro-rata to how long you have selected swing for relative to a full Week.