HEXABOT Trading Bot 2% + Daily Returns

  • I disagree that any of this is "good while it lasts" sadly, none of these scams are good for the crypto community as a whole. And I personally don't want to be involved in things that require an early exit where other people end up getting burned. I was watching the channels yesterday, and some people got hit pretty hard.

    Yes, there is always risk involved. However, bot trading can be sustainable. Fucking people over doesn't need to be part of doing business.

  • @roscoe I am afraid that virtually everything in Crypto is high risk and either a potential scam, or a potential failure. There are many that regard even Bitcoin as just a Bubble waiting to burst.

    In all cases you have to make a judgement call when to Buy and when to Sell, get it right and you can make Money get it wrong and you lose. It's no different than the Stock Market ar any other form of investment, the only difference is that it's less regulated and things move much faster.

    Just take a look at any of the hexabot chat and you would have found 50% of people declaring it a Scam that must fail and the other half declaring it the best thing since sliced bread.

    If you look at my post further up this thread you will see that I asked a reasonable question and was told that I was kicked from the program because "I was confusing people"

    As it turned out my question about the sustainability of the program was probably on the Money.


  • No worries @RichBC I understand your position. And yes market dynamics consistently produce winners and losers. We both had similar skepticism about how things were being run under the hood. My disagreement was targeted at the opportunists that undermine the market, so I apologize if it came off as personal.

  • @roscoe No problem I don't like them any more than you do 🙂 But we are swimming with Sharks here and you are going to get bitten now and again. Thing to make sure of is that you are only playing with money you can afford to loose and even within that put smaller percentages on the higher risks.


  • @richbc oh well at least i can make a cool picture, i just reinvested the "glitch" balance into my active investment lol0_1512583758523_23f64db9b3c2ae9fcb9a52d79662026a.png

  • @hidevin LOL before it went down were you earning interest from the 1.859 BTC?

    I withdrawed my money around 30th of November because my acessement in the begining was that it could last at least a month, and within a month you could double your investment so I deposited and I was bitting my nails for it to last the entire month... When arrived the end of the month, I was already convinced it could last at least 3-4 months, but I had that angel over my shoulder saying "PONZI! Don't get fucking greedy?!" so I withdrawed everything and kept just claiming at their faucet because I already had a +37 bonus so it was just worthing a lot as faucet not really an investment xD
    Actually, since I withdrawed, I have been trading the money myself and made +30% of profit in just 6 days...

  • @gpedro nah, i wasn't i just reinvested everything and nothing happened tbh, nice job withdrawing

  • I think it happened.

  • @tminer0315 happened a long time ago, oh well, hope you guys didn't lose much. You win some, you lose some.

  • Oh ok
    Wasnt sure